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For Sale
Antenna Analyser, Palstar ZM-30
de W3ACO

W3ACO Palstqr ZM-30

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Antenna Analyser, Palstar ZM-30. Software version 6.9. 1-30 MHz, high resolution to 1 KHz. Uses 8 AA batteries, measures VSWR, capacitance, inductance, can be used in VFO mode as a signal generator. Comes with calibration loads, custom case and manual.

I am selling it because I have an analyser that goes through 2 meters.


Rich Haendel
(319) 331-6805

For Sale

ACOM 2000A Amplifiers

ACOM 10-position Antenna Switch & Controller

ACOM 2S1 SO2R control box


ACOM 2000A #1 has brand new tubes and was recently tuned up by KØGX. There are some minor scratches on the amplifier face but the remote control head is fine. I am the original owner. $4,000.

ACOM 2000A #2 I’ve had for many years and have used it very little. Very clean, full output. $4,000.

ACOM 10-position antenna switch and controller is a very hearty mil-spec system that follows the ACOM 2000A amp when it senses a new band. I am the original owner. $600.

ACOM 2S1 is an SO2R control box that controls a single ACOM 2000A amp with input from two transmitters. Original owner. Never used. $200.

I’m selling this equipment to get ready for the FlexRadio PowerGenius amplifier which will mate with the FlexRadio 6000 series I have now. Pictures available on request. I prefer pickup/delivery. Any shipping will be additional.



Glenn Johnson

218-760-3663 (leave text or message if I don’t answer)

Decorah, IA

For Sale
Elecraft K3/100

Elecraft K3/100 $2495. S/N 01480. 2008 Kit, 2009 upgrades, 2010 factory inspection and firmware upgrade. K3/100; KAT3 ATU Modulator kit; 2 KFL3A-500 Hz, 5 Pole filters (main/sub); MH2-R Hand Mic; Proset-K2-R, Heil Boomset Headset w/mic; 2 KBPF3A-F General Coverage RX Modules (main/sub); KDVR3 Digital Voice Recorder; KFL3A-6K-IR 6kHz, 8 pole filter (main); 2 KFL3B-FM-IR FM-bandwidth, 8-pole roofing filters  (main/sub); KRX3-K 2nd RX Mod kit; KTCX03-1 TXCO 1ppm f/w correction to 0.5ppm; KXV3 Transverter interface.

PR6 6M Low Noise Pre-Amp $99.

Navigator digital modem by TimeWave (previously by US Interface) $199.

All lightly used, fully functional and no damage to my knowledge. Non-smoking environment.  Excellent appearance.  Reason for sale is these items are excess to my needs.  All sales as is.

Jim Meade
319-330-5548 (leave text or message if I don't answer)