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Updated February 1, 2023

EIDXA's items for sale or trade page. Please contact the webmaster to post your ad.

Ads posted here will stay active for 5 weeks maximum, unless specifically renewed by the ham who posted the ad. Any amateur radio equipment may be advertised here, and there is no charge for the service.

WB8ZRL Estate: Updated Equipment List

By Terry, WØAWL
Updated February 1, 2023

Tom Vavra, WB8ZRL, a recent SK, has donated his amateur radio equipment and
antennas to the EIDXA with the intent that we sell them and use the proceeds
to help fund future DXpeditions.

Following is the updated list of the equipment and other ham items that are
still available. Please contact Terry at 319-550-6502 if interested.


1. 10 sections of Rohn 25 tower. 2 sections have a slight, repairable
   bend. There is surface rust, but the sections are very useable.

2. Most parts for the construction of a 40-meter 4-square receive or
   transmit antenna. Best offer.

3. Most parts for the construction of an 80-meter 4-square receive or
   transmit antenna. Best offer.

   (For more information on the 4-square antenna systems, contact WØAWL
    at 319-550-6502.)

4. Heathkit AC power supply, 14.8 volts with no load. The on/off light
   is out, comes with the construction manual. $5.00

5. KLM 2-meter RF power amplifier, 5 watts in = 45 out, 10 watts in = 80

   watts out. Best Offer.

6. 1 Guy cable grip. A must for making guying a tower easier. $50.00.


Want to Buy

I wanted to throw out to the group that I’m looking for a Ten Tec Orion II – (A7) - CPU/DSP BOARD. Part number 81995.

If anyone hears of an Orion II being parted out with this board in usable condition, I’d be very interested to know about it.

This is a long shot but you never know.

Gary Huff, KWØJ