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Updated September 1, 2023

EIDXA's items for sale or trade page. Please contact the webmaster to post your ad.

Ads posted here will stay active for 5 weeks maximum, unless specifically renewed by the ham who posted the ad. Any amateur radio equipment may be advertised here, and there is no charge for the service.

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Tashjian Towers LM470 for Sale
September 1, 2023

For those interested in a crank-up tower, my nephew Corey, WØCJB has a used Tashjian Towers LM470 sitting in his barn. It has a new concrete base and a new tilt-over frame with a 1500 lb winch. The pulleys have been removed and new bearings installed, but the pulleys have not been put back into the tower. It needs new cables. It has the cable winding drum, right angle worm drive and pulley, but no motor for motorized crank-up operation. Included is a 15 ft heavy-wall mast, 2” OD, and a top bearing. It is located 4 miles south of Iowa City off of Sand Road. If you are interested, Email or call me at 319-331-6805 so that I can set up a time. Corey is asking $6K or best offer for everything.

73, Rich W3ACO

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Tower 1 Tower 2
Tower 3 Tower 4
Tower 5

HyGain Thunderbird TH-11DX for Sale
May 16, 2023


This 5-band hybrid log periodic antenna was constructed and installed on a new 48 ft. tower in September 1996.  Bands covered include 20, 17, 15, 12, and 10 meters. The antenna has two driven elements on 10 meters, one tuned for the low end of the band and the other one tuned for the high end of the band, thus the entire band is covered at low SWR. This antenna enabled me to work over 300 entities on all five bands it covers, confirm 2607 for the Challenge, and achieve Honor Roll on CW and Digital, and No. 1 Honor Roll on Mixed and SSB.

The antenna has been removed from the tower and disassembled by removing the elements from the boom and removing the two end pieces of from the boom. Further disassembly depends upon the buyer’s requirements for transportation.

The antenna is in excellent condition. All insulators are devoid of UV damage, the nested tubing joins free of excess aluminum oxide and tubes pull out freely (thanks to NoAlox on all joints at assembly). The end caps on all elements are taped, secure, and they are in good condition. I marked the manual with the dimensions of all the outer element tubes for proper tuning, and all parts are labeled with tape label for easy assembly.

The balun must be replaced because the mast started slipping at the mast clamp, and windmilling pulled the coax cable loose from the SO-239, damaging the connection. The steel plate broke on the ends of the boom support assembly (boom truss wire), and this part must be replaced. Both parts are available by calling MFJ, as only the balun is listed on the web page.

Balun BN-4000B, part number 879915, $200
Boom Support Assembly, part number 879966, $10.06

The current retail price of this antenna from MFJ is $1,999.95.
My price is $700.

Nelson Moyer, KUØA

Waller Flag – A Rotatable Low Band Receive Antenna
May 16, 2023


This antenna was constructed and installed in November 2007 with the goal of reaching 160-meter DXCC. That goal was accomplished in December 2008. While the antenna is tuned for 160 meters, it is also effective on 80 meters. 160-meter DXCC in two low band seasons is ample testimony to the effectiveness of this antenna.

Waller Antenna, fiberglass upper mast, Hy Gain Ham IV rotor with in-line mast adapter, rotor control box, steel lower mast, and documentation. Price $300.

Nelson Moyer, KUØA

Mag Loop for Sale
May 16, 2023


I built this mag loop and tuned it for 160 meters; however it is also effective on 80 meters. When I first built it, I tied it to a tree, pointed in the direction I wanted to hear. Later, I mounted it on an in-line rotor. Sometimes the Waller flag was better, and sometimes the mag loop was better, so as the adage goes, you can never have too many receive antennas on 160 meters. This antenna would cost approximately $100 to build today, and I’m offering it for $40 without the rotor or lower pipe section.

Nelson Moyer, KUØA