EIDXA Meetings

EIDXA meets quarterly at the Mercy Medical Center Hall-Perrine Cancer Center, located south of downtown Cedar Rapids at the intersection of 10th St SE, 8th Ave SE and Mount Vernon Rd SE (a visual aid to the meeting location is provided below.). The doors open for eyeball QSOs at about 6:30 PM and the formal meeting starts at 7:30. Following the meeting, we meet for pizza and refreshments at Godfather's Pizza at 2201 16th Ave SW in Cedar Rapids. Getting to Godfather's Pizza from Mercy Medical Center is EASY! Click here for a map and directions.

For minutes of the most recent EIDXA meeting, scroll down the page or click here.

Next EIDXA Meeting:

Date:  Wednesday, July 5, 2017.

Time:  Doors open at 6:30 PM; Meeting begins at 7:30 PM.

Location:  Instead of holding our club meeting in the Mercy Medical Center Hallagan Education Center (where we had the April meeting) we will be meeting in the Hall- Perrine Cancer Center, located directly north of Mercy Medical Center.

The Mercy Medical Center complex is located south of downtown Cedar Rapids, at the intersection of 10th St SE, 8th Ave SE and Mount Vernon Rd SE. Please see the aerial photo map of the meeting location provided below.

There is free parking directly in front of the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center, or you can park in the free parking ramp next to the Mercy Medical Center main hospital.

Enter the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center main doors off of 10th Street SE and turn right. Walk along the windows to the end of the hallway and you are at the conference rooms. We will have Community Conference Rooms A & B. There are no steps to get to the conference rooms.

Program:  The reason the July club meeting is earlier in the month than usual is that we have a very interesting "twofer" program lined up, and adjusted the meeting date to better accommodate our speakers. Vicky Luetzelschwab, AE9YL will be presenting "Operating from DX Locations from a YL's Perspective" followed by Carl Luetzelschwab, K9LA on "Propagation Status and Forecast".

Vicky and Carl have operated and managed the DX pileups from numerous DX locations including Syria and Market Reef. Carl has been the Propagation Forecast author for several publications including CQ magazine and continues today with on-line publications. Should be two very interesting speakers.

We hope to see all of our club members at the July meeting. Please consider bringing a non-member ham guest!

Following the meeting, we will meet for pizza and refreshments at Godfather's Pizza at 2201 16th Ave SW in Cedar Rapids. Getting to Godfather's Pizza from Mercy Medical Center is EASY! Click here for a map and directions.

Meeting Location: (You may click on the photo map for a larger version.)Mercy Medical Center aerial view
Parking is free in the parking lot in front of the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center. Enter from 10th St SE -- parking is to either your right or left from the roundabout. Enter Hall-Perrine through the main entrance, under the canopy.

Minutes of the EIDXA meeting of April 21, 2017

  1. The meeting was opened by President Joe Hungate, K8OM at 7:25 in the education area of Mercy Hospital, Cedar Rapids.  Sixty-four people were present for introductions.

  2. Minutes for the January 20, 2017 meeting are available on the EIDXA website.  No corrections or additions were needed.

  3. Rich Haendel, W3ACO gave the treasurer's report, which was accepted.
    Expenditures this quarter included the following:
      $135 Internet domain registration
      $200 Repeater insurance
      $100 Algerian relief - $50 Hise/$50 EIDXA
      $100 S21 DXpedition - $50 Hise/$50 EIDXA

  4. DX funding:
    • Funding has been requested by the Mediterranean DX Club for a DXpedition to 9U4M Burundi.  No one in the group proposed funding.  This is a November proposal so there will be another meeting before the proposed trip.
    • We have given $1,000 (500/500) to the 3YØZ DXpedition to Bouvet.  The goal for this trip is $610,000. As of early January, they were short $213,926. By mid-April they were still $186,118 short.
  5. Membership:
    • Wyatt Dirks, ACØRA was voted into membership.  He currently has 109 confirmed.
    • Membership certificates were presented to
        Ray Kratville, K9PYR
        Rick Hadley, WØFG
        Jeff Woods, WØODS
  6. DX cluster has been up for 13 months.

  7. KØCF reports that DX news will not be updated for a few weeks due to the illness of KB8NW. No better website host has been found.

  8. Consensus is that the new newsletter was great.

  9. Repeater Committee: Approval has been granted for installation of repeater antennas.  Jason hopes to have this done in a week.  Movement of transmitter will follow.  This project may be completed in two to three weeks.

  10. It was moved/seconded/passed that David Christ, KØLUM be elected Secretary.

  11. Rich, W3ACO announced the availability of two new LF-MF Books from Australia
    (160 / 630 / 2200 Meters)
      - MF Down Under (AUD $48 / USD $36.48)
      - Cellar-Dwellers on the Go (AUD $36.50 / USD $27.71)
    A group order would reduce shipping cost.
    If Interested contact Rich - W3ACO.

  12. A drawing was held for two QEX subscriptions.

  13. The meeting was adjourned and followed by an outstanding program,
    “The Third Earhart Discovery Deep Water SONAR Expedition”,
    presented by NYØV, KØDAS and KAØYSQ.

Respectfully submitted
David Christ, KØLUM
EIDXA Secretary

April 23, 2017