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EIDXA Meetings

EIDXA meets quarterly, in January, April, July and October. Normal meeting location is the Mercy Medical Center Hall-Perrine Cancer Center, located south of downtown Cedar Rapids at the intersection of 10th St SE, 8th Ave SE and Mount Vernon Rd SE (a visual aid to this site is provided below). Meetings are occasionally held at alternative sites, which will be clearly announced on this page. The doors open for eyeball QSOs at about 6:30 PM and the formal meeting starts at 7:30. We generally have a program of interest following the business meeting.

Following the meeting, we meet for pizza and refreshments at Godfather's Pizza at 3647 1st Avenue SE in Cedar Rapids (in the Town & Country Shopping Center). Getting to Godfather's Pizza is EASY! Click here for a map and directions.

For minutes of the most recent EIDXA meeting, scroll down the page or click here.

For minutes of previous meetings, see the EIDXA Minutes Archive.

Next EIDXA Meeting:

  Date:  A yet-to-be-determined Friday in January 2024.
  Time:  Doors open at 6:30 PM; Meeting begins at 7:30 PM.
  Location:  Hall Perrine Cancer Center rooms A & B, at Mercy Medical Center.
  Program:  A program of interest to DXers will be presented.

We plan to continue using Zoom at the Meetings. Hopefully things will go smoothly.

The Mercy Medical Center complex is located south of downtown Cedar Rapids, at the intersection of 10th St SE, 8th Ave SE and Mount Vernon Rd SE (701 10th Street SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403). Please see the aerial photo map of the meeting location provided below. In addition, we have an interactive Google map of the area.

There is free parking directly in front of the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center.

Enter Hall-Perrine Cancer Center through the northeast doors. The conference rooms are adjacent to the entrance. There are no steps to get to the conference rooms.

We hope to see all of our club members at the meeting. Please consider bringing a non-member ham guest!

Following the meeting, we will meet for pizza and refreshments at Godfather's Pizza at 3647 1st Avenue SE in Cedar Rapids (in the Town & Country Shopping Center). Getting to Godfather's Pizza is EASY! Click here for a map and directions.

Meeting Location: (You may click on the photo map for a larger version.)Mercy Medical Center aerial view
Parking is free in the parking lot in front of the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center. Enter from 10th St SE -- parking is to your right from the roundabout. Please enter Hall-Perrine through the northeast entrance, as marked above. The meeting room is adjacent to the entrance, and is stair-free. For a customizable view of the area, check out this interactive Google Map.

EIDXA Meeting Minutes

  Minutes of EIDXA Club Meeting, October 13, 2023 at the
  Hall Perrine Cancer Center at Mercy Medical Center.

  • Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm by President Gayle KØFLY
  • Per the sign-in sheet / introductions, there were 18
    members / guests present at Hall Perrine and 6 on the Zoom
    video link for a total of 24.

  At Hall Perrine:
    • Terry Cellman WØAWL
    • Tom Lindgre WØWP
    • Barry Buelow WØIY
    • Gary Toomsen KØGT
    • Mike Nowack NA9Q
    • Val Lawson WØEFW
    • Bob Schafer KA4PKB/Ø
    • Scott Augsburger WRØU
    • Larry Newby WBØB
    • Neale LeMense WØHBK
    • Todd LeMense KKØDX
    • Rich Haendel W3ACO
    • Rod Blocksome KØDAS
    • Al Groff KØVM
    • Jim Spencer WØSR
    • David Christ KØLUM
    • Gayle Lawson KØFLY
    • George Cooley NG7A

  Via Zoom:
    • George Carsner WØPPF
    • Glen Kesselring KØJGH
    • Jeff WØODS
    • Frank Baker WØQC
    • Fred Benson KØAT
    • David Jaksa WØVX


  • Mike NA9Q handed out a spreadsheet of the club finances.
    He noted that to date proceeds from the WB8ZRL estate have
    provided the club with over $6,000 and thanked Terry WØAWL
    as well as all those that have helped with taking down,
    organizing and selling the equipment. Rich W3ACO moved to
    accept the report, Tom WØWP seconded the motion and it was
    accepted by a unanimous vote.
  • Contact Mike – NA9Q with any club treasury questions.
  • We are financially solvent!

  • Jim WØSR reported no new applications.
  • Jim noted that there was some interest to join the club.
    He will follow-up by contacting those individuals.
  • No updates on revised application rules.

  DXpedition FUNDING:
  • No updates.

  • No updates.

  • Terry WØAWL reported that the wind has twisted the antenna
    off of vertical. The city of Marion wants the club to fix
    this ASAP to avoid damage to the water tower with a loose
    antenna twisting in the wind. Two large bolts need to be
    loosened, straightened and tightened without damaging the
    restraining pipe of the water tower. Terry talked to and
    texted Jason NRØX serval times asking if he could climb the
    tower. He offered Jason $200 to make the repairs.
  • There was much discussion on this topic an done of our
    members noted that if the clamp is put together wrong, the
    antenna will continue to lean over in high wind. WØSR has a
    list of at least 10 climbers. Elevated Technologies and
    Murphy Towers were among the many that were mentioned.
  • KØVM motioned to identify an alternate climber if Jason
    cannot get to it, NG7A seconded and the motion was carried
  • Breaking News: as discussions continued, Terry WØAWL managed
    to get through to Jason, who confirmed that he could straighten
    the leaning antenna on Monday October 16th.
  • There was a discussion about insuring the antenna and repeater.
    Rod KØDAS will check with the ARRL on antenna insurance.


  DONATIONS to Mercy:
  • Rich W3ACO motioned that donations continue at the same
    level as before, Terry WØAWL seconded and the motion
    carried unanimously.


  • On behalf of the nominating committee, Rich W3ACO presented
    the following slate of candidates:
    • Treasurer Mike Nowack NA9Q
    • Secretary George Cooley NG7A
    • President Glen Kesselring KØJGH
    • Vice President Gayle Lawson KØFLY
  • David Christ KØLUM motioned that the candidates be elected
    for next year’s term, Jim Spencer WØSR seconded and the
    motion was carried unanimously.

  • Rich W3ACO, who set up a ‘HAENDEL YL Operators Fund’, reported
    that Page Harper KØPZH will travel to PJ2T next Sunday for the
    upcoming SSB contest. Page is a new operator and won a recent
    Rookie Round-up.
  • The EIDXA donated $500 to the ‘HAENDEL YL Operators Fund’ at
    the last meeting.
  • Page will join the EIDXA and will present a program on the
    contest from PJ2T to the club.

  • Rich W3ACO and Gayle KØFLY agreed to serve on the program
  • Gayle reported the plan for upcoming presentations as
    • Joe Spinks AAØKW comparing a Flex Radio vs Yaesu FTdx-10
    • Bill Caldwell NØLNO 6M Dxing with Meteor Scatter
    • Page Harper KØPZH on Contesting from PJ2T
    • KØIS on 6M and Satellites


  • Glen Kesselring KØJGH looked up the insurance rates and
    reported that $1M in liability costs $200 per year. Insuring
    equipment costs $14 per year for every $1,000 worth of
  • Al Groff KØVM motioned that the club purchase $3,000 of
    insurance to cover the repeater and antenna plus $1M of
    liability insurance. Rich Haendel W3ACO seconded the motion
    and it was carried unanimously.

  • "Contesting for a Non-Contester" by David Jaksa WØVX.

  • Larry WBØB motioned to adorn the meeting with Al KØVM seconding.
    The motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm.

For minutes of previous meetings, see the EIDXA Minutes Archive.