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EIDXA Meetings

EIDXA meets quarterly, in January, April, July and October. Normal meeting location is the Mercy Medical Center Hall-Perrine Cancer Center, located south of downtown Cedar Rapids at the intersection of 10th St SE, 8th Ave SE and Mount Vernon Rd SE (a visual aid to this site is provided below). Meetings are occasionally held at alternative sites, which will be clearly announced on this page. The doors open for eyeball QSOs at about 6:30 PM and the formal meeting starts at 7:30. We generally have a program of interest following the business meeting.

Following the meeting, we meet for pizza and refreshments at Godfather's Pizza at 3647 1st Avenue SE in Cedar Rapids (in the Town & Country Shopping Center). Getting to Godfather's Pizza is EASY! Click here for a map and directions.

For minutes of the most recent EIDXA meeting, scroll down the page or click here.

For minutes of previous meetings, see the EIDXA Minutes Archive.

Next EIDXA Meeting:

Date:  Friday, April 22, 2022 on Zoom.

Time:  Zoom doors open at 6:30 PM; Meeting begins at 7:30 PM.

Location:  At this Zoom URL:  EIDXA Zoom Meeting

Program:  We have a great program scheduled with Adrian Ciuperca, KO8SCA. Adrian is a member of the upcoming Bouvet Island DXpedition and has been on many DXpeditons in the past. His talk is sure to be very interesting! Adrian will address us via Zoom following roll call, but prior to our business meeting.

Note: If you do not receive the meeting link via email, please contact either KØFLY or KØCF via the email links on the "Officers" page.

The Mercy Medical Center complex is located south of downtown Cedar Rapids, at the intersection of 10th St SE, 8th Ave SE and Mount Vernon Rd SE (701 10th Street SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403). Please see the aerial photo map of the meeting location provided below. In addition, we have an interactive Google map of the area.

There is free parking directly in front of the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center.

Enter Hall-Perrine Cancer Center through the northeast doors. The conference rooms are adjacent to the entrance. There are no steps to get to the conference rooms.

We hope to see all of our club members at the meeting. Please consider bringing a non-member ham guest!

Following the meeting, we will meet for pizza and refreshments at Godfather's Pizza at 3647 1st Avenue SE in Cedar Rapids (in the Town & Country Shopping Center). Getting to Godfather's Pizza is EASY! Click here for a map and directions.

Meeting Location: (You may click on the photo map for a larger version.)Mercy Medical Center aerial view
Parking is free in the parking lot in front of the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center. Enter from 10th St SE -- parking is to your right from the roundabout. Please enter Hall-Perrine through the northeast entrance, as marked above. The meeting room is adjacent to the entrance, and is stair-free. For a customizable view of the area, check out this interactive Google Map.

EIDXA Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes
21 January 2022 via ZOOM

   1 Gayle KØFLY
   2 George NG7A
   3 Dave KØLUM
   4 Tom WØWP
   5 Craig KØCF
   6 Dave Lucas KØDPL
   7 Mike NA9Q
   8 George WØPPF
   9 Juerg NØPP
  10 John WØGN
  11 Terry WØAWL
  12 Scott WRØU
  13 Jim WØSR
  14 Adam AEØDX
  15 Frank WØQC
  16 Brice KB4SBY
  17 Ken AD4OS
  18 Rich W3ACO
  19 Dave WØVX
  20 David KØLUM
  21 Sam KØAFN
  22 Bob KA4PKB/Ø
  23 Glen KØJGH
  24 Bob KØSRL
  25 Frank WØQC
  26 Terry KØGT
  27 Bob WØGXA
  28 Joe Finkstein WØMJN
  29 Tim K3LR


Tim Duffy K3LR Zoom Presentation: The DX Engineering Story

  5-minute break

Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report – Mike NA9Q
- Mike gave a comprehensive report on the club finances.
- He noted that there are still quite a few 2022 dues outstanding. From a
  total of 76 members only about half are current. Checks should be made
  out to EIDXA.
- Mike also noted that according to the bylaws, we are due for an audit
and Gayle is to appoint the auditors.
- Gayle appointed Rich W3ACO and Bob WØGXA to the audit committee.

Membership Committee – Jim WØSR
– No new membership applications
– The application for Barry WØIY not acted on
– Adam AEØDX also applied, it has not been acted on. Adam attended
  the meeting as a guest.

DXpedition Funding – Terry WØAWL
– Nothing new to report

Cluster Report – Jim WØSR
– Jason had Tom’s hard drive. He didn’t think he had the correct computer.
  No progress on getting the cluster going.
– There was some discussion on spot collectors. It was noted that DX labs
  has a suite of logging and tracking programs. Ken AD4OS noted that when
  using VQ log, the connection is lost periodically.

Contest Committee – George NG7A
– Reminded everyone that log submissions for all major contests have been
  shortened and average about a week. Check the rules for each contest to be sure.
– Contests logs are usually submitted in the Cabrillo format.

Silent Key List
– Terry WØAWL motioned to create a Silent Key list with Craig to implement it.
– Rich W3ACO seconded
– Carried by majority vote
– Other discussion on the matter:
  - Craig to go back as far as the club archives will allow.
  - Jim WØSR will try to get old membership lists.

Old Business

Cap Sales – Sam KØAFN
– Reports caps sales are slow
– Is willing to do a custom cap for club members

News / Equipment Report – Jim WØSR
– Since the last meeting, Tom WB8ZRL became a SK. Tom was a mentor to many.
  He asked his brother donate equipment to the EIDXA to sell and fund DXpeditions.
– Jason NRØX, Tom WØWP and Terry WØAWL have been putting this together. Equipment
  will be auctioned off by email to the highest bidder. A list will be sent
  out next week with starting bid prices.
– Antennas will be taken down and auctioned off in the spring. This includes
  two 4-squares on 40 and 80 Meters.
– Terry is making a list of about 75 pieces that will be emailed to members
– Terry will also host an open house on a Saturday 9am-4pm before the auction

New Business

Discussion on Meetings at the Mercy Venue
– Gayle started the discussion and expressed his thoughts that the club should
  continue to use the conference room at Mercy when it again becomes available.
– The subject was discussed, and everyone agreed that we should continue using
  the conference room Mercy.

Future Programs
– Adrian KC8SCA is booked for the April Presentation
– We are always looking for program suggestions

Glenn KØJGH – station control
– Glenn reports that his son is completely controlling his HF station with a cell phone

Member Introduction and Recruiting Discussion – Ken AD4OS
– Ken AD4OS introduced himself to the group. He became a ham in the early 90s,
  graduated from Purdue and designed 2-way radios for Motorola, Skyworks and
  now Collins.
– Ken expressed the need to recruit more people to the hobby. Initially the
  discussion focused on high schools, but Ken even suggested targeting the
  30/40/50-year-old demographics. Various ideas were discussed.

Meeting closed at 9:38 pm

Respectfully submitted,
George NG7A
EIDXA Secretary