EIDXA Meetings

EIDXA meets quarterly at the Mercy Medical Center Hall-Perrine Cancer Center, located south of downtown Cedar Rapids at the intersection of 10th St SE, 8th Ave SE and Mount Vernon Rd SE (a visual aid to the meeting location is provided below.). The doors open for eyeball QSOs at about 6:30 PM and the formal meeting starts at 7:30.

Following the meeting, we meet for pizza and refreshments at Godfather's Pizza at 3647 1st Avenue SE in Cedar Rapids (in the Town & Country Shopping Center). Note: This a different Godfather's than in the past. The old location is permanently closed as of January 1, 2018. Getting to Godfather's Pizza from Mercy Medical Center is EASY! Click here for a map and directions.

For minutes of the most recent EIDXA meeting, scroll down the page or click here.

Next EIDXA Meeting:

Date:  Friday, January 19, 2018.

Time:  Doors open at 6:30 PM; Meeting begins at 7:30 PM.

Location:  The Hall-Perrine Cancer Center, located directly north of the Mercy Medical Center main hospital.

 Rick – NØYY – will present a program on new transceiver technologies.

The Mercy Medical Center complex is located south of downtown Cedar Rapids, at the intersection of 10th St SE, 8th Ave SE and Mount Vernon Rd SE (701 10th Street SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403). Please see the aerial photo map of the meeting location provided below. In addition, we have an interactive Google map of the area.

There is free parking directly in front of the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center, or you can park in the free parking ramp next to the Mercy Medical Center main hospital.

Enter Hall-Perrine Cancer Center through the northeast doors. The conference rooms are adjacent to the entrance. There are no steps to get to the conference rooms.

We hope to see all of our club members at the January meeting. Please consider bringing a non-member ham guest!

Following the meeting, we will meet for pizza and refreshments at Godfather's Pizza at 3647 1st Avenue SE in Cedar Rapids (in the Town & Country Shopping Center). Getting to Godfather's Pizza from Mercy Medical Center is EASY! Click here for a map and directions.

Meeting Location: (You may click on the photo map for a larger version.)Mercy Medical Center aerial view
Parking is free in the parking lot in front of the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center. Enter from 10th St SE -- parking is to your right from the roundabout. Please enter Hall-Perrine through the northeast entrance, as marked above. The meeting room is adjacent to the entrance, and is stair-free. For a customizable view of the area, check out this interactive Google Map.

Minutes of the EIDXA meeting of October 20, 2017

  1. Joe K8OM called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.
  2. The 39 people in attendance gave their call and location.
  3. Members were reminded to pay their dues to Mike NA9Q.
  4. Mercy security requests that we use the NE door for entry and exit.
  5. The minutes of the July meeting were approved without objection.
  6. Bob WØGXA was thanked and applauded for the latest newsletter.  Eighty-eight pages this issue.  Bob said it is easy when members submit stories.
  7. Rich W3ACO presented the treasurer’s report. It was accepted without objection.
    • Rich noted that the new fiscal year started October 1.
    • Rich was thanked for his 9 years of excellent and faithful service.
  8. Joe K8OM reviewed the rules for the use of the Tom Hise fund: For every dollar from general funds, up to two dollars from the Hise fund can be used, capped at $1000 per fiscal year.
  9. Upcoming major DXpeditions requesting funding are
    • After much discussion consensus was that we should fund KH1B first but as it was early in the fiscal year we should not use too much of the Hise fund so soon.  It was pointed out that if desired additional Hise funds could be used to increase the match later.
    • Moved by Rich W3ACO seconded by Tom WB8ZRL to donate $250 general $250 Hise funds to KH1B.  Unanimous approval.
  1. Membership certificate presented to Wyatt ACØRA.
  2. One membership application pending:  Matt KØKB (WØMLD).
  3. Tom WB8ZRL reports DX cluster has been up for 19 months.
  4. Craig KØCF continues to post DX news Sundays on the website. Lots of good equipment in the buy and sell section. Joe K8OM suggested that perhaps a new feature on the website could be having a member's picture displayed when their call is clicked on.  Little interest was shown for this feature so it will not be implemented. 
  5. Al KØVM reports repeater continues to function.
  6. NRØX reports no further progress yet on Echo Link.
  7. WØMJN after two weeks in the hospital has now been home for 10 days.  Is on the mend and hopes to finally get on the repeater tomorrow.
  8. Elections:
    • A proposed slate of officers for the coming year is:
      • Joe K8OM President
      • Rick WØFG Vice-President
      • David KØLUM Secretary
      • Mike NA9Q Treasurer
    • Jim WØSR moved nominations cease. Tom WB8ZRL seconded.  Passed.
    • David KØLUM moved slate be accepted by acclimation. Nelson KUØA seconded.  Passed.
  9.  Standing Committees for 2018:
        Membership Committee
            Jim – WØSR, Tom – WB8ZRL, Nelson – KUØA
        Treasury Audit Committee
            Tom – WB8ZRL, Rick – NØYY, Bob – WØGXA
        DXpedition Funding Committee
            Terry – WØAWL, Glenn – WØGJ, Joe – K8OM
        Repeater Committee
            Jason – NRØX and one to be appointed (replacing WØMJN and KØVM)
        Newsletter Editor-in-Chief
            Bob – WØGXA
            Craig – KØCF
  10. Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM followed by an excellent program,
    “Planning a Mega-DXpedition” by Glenn – WØGJ / 3YØZ.

Respectfully submitted
David Christ, KØLUM
EIDXA Secretary

October 22, 2017