DX Code of Conduct

The Eastern Iowa DX Bulletin
Number 229, July 5, 2024

Craig Fastenow, KØCF, Editor

This bulletin is a compilation of currently active DX operations (or those that will become active within the current week) from recent issues of the three DX bulletins listed below and other sources. Credit for the source is given at the end of each article.

Articles are ordered by the entity's callsign prefix from the ARRL DXCC Entities List. Callsigns used are in bold with dates of operation highlighted in red. Clickable links are provided for QSL and other information wherever possible. Note that articles may be edited for grammar, language, style and accuracy and will remain in The Bulletin while active; articles that are announcements of ongoing operations, or that have no specified end date, will be removed after three weeks.

Also included is a Propagation section, updated daily; and a Contest Calendar of upcoming popular contests.

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          Space Weather Prediction Center 
      Dr. Tony Phillips' SpaceWeather.com, used by permission
   Contest data courtesy of the WA7BNM Contest Calendar 

DX News

7Q, MALAWI. Marc, MØCMC, is working at the University Mzuzu and has been assigned the callsign 7Q5MLV. QRV on 80-10m (CW, SSB) with 100W and an end fed antenna. QSL via eQSL.
-[DXNL # 2412 June 26, 2024]  (0628-0719)

8Q, MALDIVE IS. Christian, OE3DEC, to be active as 8Q7EC, is now scheduled for July 1st-12th.
-[DXNL # 2412 June 26, 2024]  (0628-0719)

9A, CROATIA. Weather permitting, 9A/IZ7ECL and 9A/IZ7CAH will be active from Palagruza Island (EU-090) on July 6th. They will operate SSB on 40 and 20 meters during the local daytime hours.
-[425DXN # 1731 July 6, 2024]  (0705-0712)

C5, GAMBIA. Jean-Louis, F6ITS left France in August 2023 for a 2-3 year around-the-world voyage. He recently obtained his Gambian license and will be active as C5GM until the end of the year. For the time being he operates SSB and CW (QRS); the station is located on his sailing boat, the "Sharkif", which means that his operations cannot be accepted for DXCC credit. QSL via EA7FTR.
-[425DXN # 1730 June 29, 2024]  (0628-0719)

DL, GERMANY. Special callsign DLØSOP will be active on July 1st-31st for the 66th edition of the Sea of Peace Award (see https://dl0sop.darc.de/ for full details). QSL via ClubLog's OQRS, LoTW, eQSL, or direct to DL4SVA.
-[425DXN # 1730 June 29, 2024]  (0628-0802)

DL, GERMANY. The following special event callsigns will be active from June 14th to July 17th around the European Football Championship: DL2Ø24E, DL2Ø24U, DL2Ø24R, and DL2Ø24O. Awards are available: https://www.darc.de/der-club/referate/dx/sonderdiplome/. QSL via DARC QSL bureau, DL2VFR.
-[DXNL # 2409 June 5, 2024]  (0607-0719)

DU, PHILIPPINES. Christian, F4EBK is active as DU3/F4EBK from Luzon Island (OC-042) until early 2025. He is QRV on 20, 15 and 10 meters, typically around 0900 UTC and after 2100 UTC. QSL via F4EUO.
-[425DXN # 1729 June 22, 2024]  (0621-0712)

DXCC TOP TWENTY. Here are the top 20 entities on ClubLog’s "DXCC Most Wanted" list as of July 5, 2024:
   1. P5     DPRK (North Korea)  11. 3Y/B   Bouvet Island
   2. BS7H   Scarborough Reef    12. ZS8    Prince Edward & Marion Islands
   3. CEØX   San Felix Islands   13. KH4    Midway Island
   4. BV9P   Pratas Island       14. VKØM   Macquarie Island
   5. KH7K   Kure Island         15. PYØS   Saint Peter And Paul Rocks
   6. KH3    Johnston Island     16. KP5    Desecheo Island
   7. FT/G   Glorioso Island     17. VPØS   South Sandwich Islands
   8. 3Y/P   Peter 1 Island      18. KH5    Palmyra & Jarvis Islands
   9. FT5/X  Kerguelen Island    19. ZL9    New Zealand Subantarctic Islands
  10. YVØ    Aves Island         20. FK/C   Chesterfield Islands
For the complete list, see https://clublog.org/mostwanted.php
-[KØCF July 5, 2024]  (0705-0726)

E7, BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA. Special callsign E71ØØRADIO is for ARAuBiH, the Bosnia and Herzegovina IARU member society, to celebrate "100 years of amateur radio innovation, community and advocacy". A printable QSL card can be requested at https://arabih.ba/request-e7100radio-qsl/.
-[425DXN # 1729 June 22, 2024]  (0621-0712)

F, FRANCE. Special callsign TM111TDF is a French special callsign to be activated for this year's 111th edition of the Tour de France. Look for activity on June 29th, July 1st-2nd, 6th, 9th-11th, 13th-14th and 17th-21st. QSL via F8GGZ.
-[425DXN # 1729 June 22, 2024]  (0628-0726)

F, FRANCE. During the Paris 2024 Olympic Torch Relay and the actual Olympic Games, look for TM67OG to be active for fifteen days from June 25th to July 27th, and TM67JO to be active for another fifteen days from July 26th until August 11th. The operators will be F1LFL (SSB), F5PZT (FT8 and FT4) and F5TFW (CW). QSL via F1LFL.
-[425DXN # 1728 June 15, 2024]  (0621-0816)

F, FRANCE. Vitaly, F4WBU will be active as TM17CEF on June 14th-28th, and as TM24F from June 29th to July 14th. The special callsigns are for the 17th edition of the UEFA European Football Championship, the quadrennial international men's football (soccer) championship of Europe to be held in Germany. QSL via F4WBU and eQSL.
-[425DXN # 1728 June 15, 2024]  (0614-0719)

F, FRANCE. Special event station TM85JO operates around the Olympic Torch stages from May 8th to 12th, June 8th to 9th, June 21st to 23rd, July 12th to 14th, and on July 26th. QSL via bureau.
-[DXNL # 2405 May 8, 2024]  (0510-0726)

FM, MARTINIQUE. Stefano, IW2MJQ, will be active as IW2MJQ/mm and as J87/IW2MJQ and FM/IW2MJQ from various BOTA (Beach on The Air) and POTA (Parks on The Air) locations during July. QSL direct via IK2WAD.
-[DXNL # 2413 July 3, 2024]  (0705-0802)

FP, ST. PIERRE & MIQUELON. Once again Eric, KV1J will be active as FP/KV1J from Miquelon Island (NA-032) on July 2nd-16th, including activity the IARU HF World Championship (July 13th-14th). Plans are to operate primarily SSB and FT8, plus some CW, RTTY and FT4, on 80-6 meters, "generally on the highest frequency band open" with a focus on 12, 10 and 6m. See http://www.kv1j.com/fp/July24.html for more information. QSL via LoTW, ClubLog's OQRS, eQSL, or via KV1J.
-[425DXN # 1729 June 22, 2024]  (0628-0719)

FR, REUNION I. Giovanni, IZ2DPX will be active holiday style as TO7PX from Reunion Island (AF-016) on July 4th-18th. He will operate SSB and FT8 on 40-6 meters. QSL direct to IK2DUW.
-[425DXN # 1730 June 29, 2024]  (0628-0719)

G, ENGLAND. Joining Guglielmo Marconi's 150th anniversary celebrations, the Cornish Radio Amateur Club (GX4CRC) will be active as GB15ØGM from April 27th until July 27th. This activity participates in the "Marconi 150 Award", organized by the Associazione Radioamatori Italiani (ARI) and the Coordinamento Stazioni Marconiane Italiane (CSMI) under the patronage of the Guglielmo Marconi Foundation. See IR2GMCL below. QSL via eQSL.
-[425DXN # 1720 April 20, 2024]  (0426-0726)

HS, THAILAND. Special callsign HS72KING will be used by the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand (RAST) to celebrate the 72nd birthday of His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn (HS1ØA) from July 1st to 29th. "By endorsing and participating in this special event, His Majesty continues to inspire and encourage the growth and development of amateur radio in the country". QSL via LoTW and ClubLog's OQRS.
-[425DXN # 1731 July 6, 2024]  (0705-0802)

I, ITALY. Giorgio, IU2EBO will operate QRP as IA5/IU2EBO from Isola d'Elba (EU-028) on July 10th-27th, including a 12-hour effort during the IOTA Contest. QSL via the bureau and eQSL.
-[425DXN # 1731 July 6, 2024]  (0705-0726)

I, ITALY. Giovanni, IZ7FLP will be active as IC8K from Ischia Island (EU-031) from June 30th to July 7th. He will operate SSB, CW and FT8/FT4 on various bands. QSL direct to IZ7FLP, or via LoTW in due course.
-[425DXN # 1729 June 22, 2024]  (0628-0712)

I, ITALY. Celebrating Pesaro Capitale Italiana della Cultura (Italian Capital of Culture) 2024, members of ARI Pesaro and ARI Fano will be active as II6CIC from June 1st to August 29th. QSL via IQ6PS.
-[425DXN # 1725 May 25, 2024]  (0531-0830)

I, ITALY. Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Guglielmo Marconi, members of ARI's Board of Directors will be active as IR2GMCL from April 28th to July 27th during the "Marconi 150 Award". See https://www.qrz.com/db/IR2GMCL for the rules. Paper QSL cards will not be provided; electronic QSLs may be downloaded from the HamAward platform.
-[425DXN # 1720 April 20, 2024]  (0426-0726)

J8, ST. VINCENT. Stefano, IW2MJQ, will be active as IW2MJQ/mm and as J87/IW2MJQ and FM/IW2MJQ from various BOTA (Beach on The Air) and POTA (Parks on The Air) locations during July. QSL direct via IK2WAD.
-[DXNL # 2413 July 3, 2024]  (0705-0802)

K, UNITED STATES. The following stations will be active during the 16th annual "13 Colonies Special Event", which will be held from 1300 UTC on July 1st until 0400 UTC on July 8th: K2A (New York), K2B (Virginia), K2C (Rhode Island), K2D (Connecticut), K2E (Delaware), K2F (Maryland), K2G (Georgia), K2H (Massachusetts), K2I (New Jersey), K2J (North Carolina), K2K (New Hampshire), K2L (South Carolina), and K2M (Pennsylvania), plus 'bonus stations' WM3PEN from Philadelphia (the city where the US independence was declared), GB13COL from England, and TM13COL from France. Information about the award program can be found on http://www.13colonies.us/. QSL GB13COL direct. QSL TM13COL via F5OGL.
-[425DXN # 1729 June 22, 2024]  (0628-0712)

KH8, AMERICAN SAMOA. After their tests on Wallis, George, AA7JV, and others will continue their tests from Tutuila Island, American Samoa from July 10th to 25th as K8R. QSL via HA7RY.
-[DXNL # 2412 June 26, 2024]  (0705-0726)

KH8, AMERICAN SAMOA. After leaving Lord Howe I., Yuris, YL2GM, will be active as K8K for another week from June 26th to July 9th. QSL via ClubLog's OQRS (preferred), or via YL2GN.
-[425DXN # 1726 June 1, 2024]  (0621-0712)

OE, AUSTRIA. Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Rhein Ruhr DX Association (https://rrdxa.org/), Tom, OE4EIE is active as OE4RRDXA from July 1st to September 30th. QSOs will be uploaded to LoTW and ClubLog; paper QSL cards will not be available.
-[425DXN # 1731 July 6, 2024]  (0705-0927)

OE, AUSTRIA. Special callsign OE7ØVIE marks the 70th anniversary of Vienna International Airport (IATA code VIE) from June 21st to September 30th. QSL via ClubLog's OQRS (preferred), LoTW in due course, or via OE6VIE.
-[425DXN # 1729 June 22, 2024]  (0621-0927)

OX, GREENLAND. Bo, OZ1DJJ will be active again as OX3LX from Greenland from June 28th to July 16th. In his spare time, he will be QRV on 4 and 6m, as well as on the HF bands, from grids GP47, GP60, GP80 (Sammisoq aka Christian IV Island, NA-151) "and maybe some more during day trips". QSL via OZØJ.
-[425DXN # 1730 June 29, 2024]  (0628-0719)

OZ, DENMARK. The following special event callsigns celebrate the 60th anniversary of IOTA until the end of August:
   OZ6ØIOTA (mainland),
   5P6ØIOTA/Ø  (EU-030),
   5P6ØIOTA/1  (EU-171),
   5P6ØIOTA/2  (EU-172),
   5P6ØIOTA/5  (EU-125),
   5P6ØIOTA/8  (EU-088),
   5P6ØIOTA/9  (EU-029).
For a schedule of activities see: https://www.supersaas.dk/schedule/EDR/OZ60IOTA. A number of certificates will be available, see https://www.qrz.com/db/OZ60IOTA for complete information. QSL via ClubLog's OQRS (preferred), LoTW, or via OZ1ACB.
-[DXNL # 2413 July 3, 2024]  (0705-0830)

S7, SEYCHELLES. Zsolt, HA8PX, will be active as S79/HA8PX from Takamaka, Mahe Island, Seychelles, from July 5th to 10th. Activity will be on various HF bands, during his spare time, using CW, SSB and FT8. QSL via HA8PX and ClubLog's OQRS.
-[OPDX June 19, 2024]  (0705-0712)

SP, POLAND. Special callsign SN91LOT will be active on July 1st-31st to commemorate the 91st anniversary of the ill-fated flight of Lithuanian pilots Steponas Darius and Stasys Girenas. On July 15, 1933, they attempted a nonstop flight from New York City to Kaunas in a small airplane named "Lituanica". After crossing the Atlantic Ocean, they crashed on July 17 when they were only 650km short of their final destination. QSL via SP1PMY.
-[425DXN # 1730 June 29, 2024]  (0628-0802)

UR, UKRAINE. Special callsign EM1ØØWJZ commemorates the 100th anniversary of the first amateur radio activity from the ancient city of Lwow, nowadays Lviv. It was conducted by 15-year-old Jan Zembicki, LW3 (then SP3AR, SP1AR, and finally SP6FZ), a founding member of the Lviv Shortwave Club (LKK) and an outstanding figure in the history of Polish amateur radio. EM1ØØWJZ will be active from July 1st to December 31st. QSL via UR4WWE.
-[425DXN # 1729 June 22, 2024]  (0628-0719)

V4, ST. KITTS & NEVIS. "BJ", WA7WJR will be active holiday style as V4/WA7WJR from St. Kitts (NA-104) on July 8th-12th. He will operate CW, SSB and digital modes on 80, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters. He also plans to be active from POTA sites during this trip. All QSOs will be uploaded to LoTW, ClubLog and QRZ Logbook within two months of his return home. QSL via LoTW or direct to WA7WJR.
-[425DXN # 1731 July 6, 2024]  (0705-0712)

VE, CANADA. The fourth Youth on the Air summer camp for young radio amateurs aged 15-25 in the Americas will be held on July 7th-12th in Halifax, Nova Scotia (https://youthontheair.org/halifax2024/). Campers will operate special event station VE1YOTA during breaks between sessions. In addition, there will be dedicated operating times on the HF bands and satellites (see qrz.com for the details), as well as for a POTA activation (July 10th between 1300 and 1900 UTC). QSL via KC3UII and LoTW.
-[425DXN # 1729 June 22, 2024]  (0705-0712)

VE, CANADA. The Club Radio Amateur de Quebec (VE2CQ) will be active as VC2TQSM From June 29th to July 7th for the Transat Quebec-Saint-Malo, the sailing transoceanic race taking place every four years, from Quebec City (Canada) to Saint-Malo (France). This radio activity will be done jointly with the Association des Radio Amateurs de la Cote d'Emeraude, which will be active as TMØQSM on July 7th-14th. QSL VC2TQSM via the bureau. QSL TMØQSM via F5BNJ.
-[425DXN # 1729 June 22, 2024]  (0628-0712)

XU, CAMBODIA. Tom, DL7BO is QRV as XU7GNY until July 21st. Activity is on 160 to 6 meters using CW, SSB, and FT8. QSL via DL4WK.
-[ARRL DX Bulletin # 24 June 27, 2024]  (0628-0726)

YB, INDONESIA. Look for Ferdy YB9MKF/p, Herry YC9MFD/p and Vernando YD9LAU/p to be active from Semau Island (OC-241) on July 4th-7th. QSL via YB9BU.
-[425DXN # 1730 June 29, 2024]  (0628-0712)

ZC4, UK SOVEREIGN BASE AREAS ON CYPRUS. Adrian, GØKOM will be active as ZC4MK from the UK Sovereign Base Areas on Cyprus (AS-004) on July 10th-17th. He will concentrate on 6 meters, "with other bands a secondary consideration if 6m is not open". QSL via ClubLog's OQRS, or GØKOM.
-[425DXN # 1729 June 22, 2024]  (0705-0719)

Propagation (Updated daily)

Solar Data

The Weekly Solar Data chart plots Solar Flux Index (SFI), Sunspot number (SSN) and Planetary K-Index (Kp) for the past 8 days. With 8 Planetary K-index readings each day, only the minimum, average and maximum K-index values are plotted. Note: You may click here or on the chart above to see the same data for the past month.

The Daily Solar Flux Index, Sunspot number, Planetary K-index, Solar Flux predictions and Solar Flare data used in this bulletin have been collected by KØCF from from the U.S. Department of Commerce's NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center.

The propagation graphs above are the creations of KØCF and are unique in space weather reporting.

Please Note: The graphs are high resolution .PNG files which you may view in greater detail using your browser's "zoom" feature. Alternatively, right click on the graph and select "Open Image in New Tab" to enlarge it, or "Save Image As..." to save it to your computer for further analysis.

  NASA's current view of
  the Sun at a wave-
  length of 131 Angstroms.
  This wavelength shows 
  incredible solar detail.

  Click here or on the
  image to view as a full
  screen 48-hour video
  loop. It is fascinating!
The current Sun at 131 Angstroms

Propagation Summary
For the 8 day period from Thursday, July 4th through yesterday, July 11th.

The average solar flux was 182, up 8 points from the previous week, with a weekly high of 214 on Wednesday, July 10th, following a low of 166 on July 6th.

The average sunspot count was 140, down by 38 from last week, peaking at 190 on Wednesday, July 10th after a weekly low of 95 on July 8th.

The Planetary K-index weekly average was 2.5 with a maximum of 3.3 on Monday, July 8th, resulting in generally quiet geomagnetic conditions. Yesterday's K-index maximum was 2.3, producing generally quiet geomagnetic conditions.

Solar flare activity since July 5th has been high with 11 major flares, the largest of which was an M 2.4 event on Sunday, July 7th.

Propagation Data
Major solar flares, Friday, July 5th through 1225 UTC, July 12th.

  #     Date     UTC     Mag.  
1 Jul 11  0625  M 1.2 
2 Jul 11  0417  M 1.2 
3 Jul 10  1304  M 1.1 
4 Jul 10  1204  M 1.4 
5 Jul 10  0945  M 1.3 
6 Jul 10  0559  M 1.5 
7 Jul 08  1241  M 1.1 
8 Jul 07  2232  M 2.4 
9 Jul 07  2127  M 1.3 
10 Jul 07  1956  M 1.0 
11 Jul 06  2315  M 1.0 

   (NOAA's graph of recent flare activity: GOES-X-Ray-Flux)

From the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center, here are the probabilities of major solar flares and the predicted 10.7 cm Solar Flux for the next 3 days. NOAA updates this information daily.

Date  M-Flares   X-Flares   Solar Flux 
 Jul 12 60%15%205
 Jul 13 60%15%205
 Jul 14 60%15%210

Looking farther ahead, here is the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center forecast of 10.7 cm radio flux and maximum Planetary K-index (Kp) for the next 12 days. This data is updated by NOAA every Monday (last updated on July 8, 2024).

 Date   Flux   Kp 
 Jul 12 1603
 Jul 13 1752
 Jul 14 1804
 Jul 15 1803
 Date   Flux  Kp 
 Jul 16 1803
 Jul 17 1802
 Jul 18 1952
 Jul 19 1952
 Date   Flux  Kp 
 Jul 20 1953
 Jul 21 2003
 Jul 22 2002
 Jul 23 2002

Geomagnetic Storm Watch (G1)
NOAA forecasters say that minor G1-class geomagnetic storms are possible on July 13-14 when a stream of solar wind is expected to hit Earth's magnetic field. The gaseous material is flowing from a northern hole in the sun's atmosphere.
(Copyright ©  SpaceWeather.com July 12, 2024. Republished by permission.)

Highs for Cycle 25
  Solar Flux: 234 on January 15, 2023.
  Sunspots:  283 on April 21, 2024.

Popular Propagation web sites
  https://prop.kc2g.com/ (Excellent Maximum Usable Frequency map)
  NOAA https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/

A Propagation Tutorial
The solar X-ray flux tracks solar activity and solar flares. Solar flux, which can vary from as low as 50 to as high as 300, influences the level of ionization in the F2 region of the ionosphere, providing a very good prediction of HF DX conditions. The higher the solar flux, the better conditions will be for the higher HF frequencies and even 6 meters. However, the levels need to be maintained for some days to allow ionization in the F2 layer to build up. A solar flux of 150 results in good HF band conditions, while levels of 200 and up can provide great conditions.

Large X-ray flares on the sun can increase the ionization of the D layer of the ionosphere (a lower layer) on the sunlit side of the Earth, greatly attenuating or blocking HF radio transmissions for up to a half hour. Solar flares often produce Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) which, if Earth directed, can lead to geomagnetic storms. Some large flares are also accompanied by strong radio bursts that may interfere with other radio frequencies and cause problems for satellite communication and radio navigation (GPS).

The Planetary K-index is a measure of the magnitude of geomagnetic storms and is an excellent indicator of disturbances in the Earth's magnetic field. A level of 1 or 2 represents quiet geomagnetic conditions; a reading of 3 or 4 may cause some propagation deterioration; 5 and 6 are minor to moderate geomagnetic storms; and 7 to 9 are strong, severe, and extreme storm conditions. Strong geomagnetic storms can trigger Auroral displays and cause HF radio blackouts. Higher geomagnetic activity also has the adverse effect of lowering maximum usable frequencies, much like lower solar flux does.

For best conditions, the solar flux should be above 150 for a few days with the K index below 2. When these conditions are met, some good DX is likely!
-[Compiled from information on NOAA.gov and other sources]

Contest Calendar

  Weekly Contests

Contest Start UTC End Web Site
K1USN Slow Speed Test Monday 0000Z 0100Z Rules
ICWC Medium Speed Test Monday 1300Z 1400Z Rules
Monday 1900Z 2000Z
Tuesday 0300Z 0400Z
CWops Test (CWT) Wednesday 1300Z 1400Z Rules
Wednesday 1900Z 2000Z
Thursday 0300Z 0400Z
Thursday 0700Z 0800Z
Weekly RTTY Test Friday 0145Z 0215Z Rules
NCCC CW Sprint (NS) Friday 0230Z 0300Z Rules
     Note: Start Days are in UTC, e.g. Monday at 0000 UTC is
     Sunday at 7:00 PM in the Central Daylight Saving Time zone, or
     Sunday at 6:00 PM in the Central Standard Time zone.

  Full Calendar

Contest Start End Web Site
IARU HF World Championship Jul 13 1200Z Jul 14 1200Z Rules
CQ Worldwide VHF Contest Jul 20 1800Z Jul 21 2100Z Rules
North American QSO Party, RTTY Jul 20 1800Z Jul 21 0559Z Rules
RSGB IOTA Contest Jul 27 1200Z Jul 28 1200Z Rules
Alabama QSO Party Jul 27 1500Z Jul 28 0300Z Rules
10-10 Int. Summer Contest, SSB Aug 3 0001Z Aug 4 2359Z Rules
North American QSO Party, CW Aug 3 1800Z Aug 4 0600Z Rules
WAE DX Contest, CW Aug 10 0000Z Aug 11 2359Z Rules
Maryland-DC QSO Party Aug 10 1400Z Aug 11 0400Z Rules
North American QSO Party, SSB Aug 17 1800Z Aug 18 0600Z Rules
ARRL Rookie Roundup, RTTY Aug 18 1800Z Aug 18 2359Z Rules
Hawaii QSO Party Aug 24 0400Z Aug 26 0400Z Rules
World Wide Digi DX Contest Aug 24 1200Z Aug 25 1200Z Rules
YO DX HF Contest Aug 24 1200Z Aug 25 1200Z Rules
Kansas QSO Party Aug 24 1400Z Aug 25 2000Z Rules
Ohio QSO Party Aug 24 1600Z Aug 25 0400Z Rules
UK/EI DX Contest, SSB Aug 31 1200Z Sep 1 1200Z Rules
Tennessee QSO Party Sep 1 1700Z Sep 2 0300Z Rules
CWOps CW Open Sep 7 0000Z Sep 7 2359Z Rules
North American Sprint, CW Sep 8 0000Z Sep 8 0400Z Rules
WAE DX Contest, SSB Sep 14 0000Z Sep 15 2359Z Rules
ARRL September VHF Contest Sep 14 1800Z Sep 16 0300Z Rules
North American Sprint, RTTY Sep 15 0000Z Sep 15 0400Z Rules
Scandinavian Activity Contest, CW Sep 21 1200Z Sep 22 1200Z Rules
Iowa QSO Party Sep 21 1400Z Sep 22 0200Z Rules
Texas QSO Party Sep 21 1400Z Sep 22 0200Z Rules
Sep 22 1400Z Sep 22 2000Z
Wisconsin Parks on the Air Sep 21 1600Z Sep 21 2300Z Rules
New Jersey QSO Party Sep 21 1600Z Sep 22 0359Z Rules
New Hampshire QSO Party Sep 21 1600Z Sep 21 2200Z Rules
Sep 22 1600Z Sep 22 2200Z
Washington State Salmon Run Sep 21 1600Z Sep 22 0700Z Rules
Sep 22 1600Z Sep 22 2400Z
CQ Worldwide DX Contest, RTTY Sep 28 0000Z Sep 29 2400Z Rules
Maine QSO Party Sep 28 1200Z Sep 29 1200Z Rules
     -[Contest data courtesy of the WA7BNM Contest Calendar ]