After the EIDXA Meeting

Following the meeting, we meet for pizza and refreshments at Godfather's Pizza at 2201 16th Ave SW in Cedar Rapids.

Map to Godfather's: (Click on the map for a larger version.)Map to Godfathers from Mercy Medical Center
We have shown two different routes to Godfather's Pizza from Mercy Medical Center, either via 15th Ave SW or via 1st Avenue and Williams Blvd. First, via 15th Ave SW, which is the magenta colored route:
  1. Follow 8th Ave SE southwest about 7 blocks to 2nd St SE and turn left.
  2. Go southeast on 2nd St SE for four blocks to 12th Ave SE and turn right.
  3. 12th Ave will connect to 15th Ave SW after you cross the river.
  4. Drive west on 15th Ave SW about 1.3 miles, where it bends left and merges with 16th Ave SW.
  5. Stay on 16th Ave SW for 0.7 miles. Godfather's Pizza will be on your left.

The alternate route via Williams Blvd is marked in green:
  1. Stay on 8th avenue until you cross the river, where you will bend right onto Diagonal Drive SW.
  2. Follow Diagonal Drive under the freeway, where it becomes 5th Ave SW.
  3. Go west on 5th Ave SW, where you will twice make slight jogs to the right to turn left onto merging streets: at 3rd Ave SW and 1st Ave SW.
  4. After the two merges, you will be on 1st Ave SW. Continue west about 0.4 miles to where the road bends left and becomes Williams Blvd.
  5. Follow Williams Blvd for 0.8 miles to the intersection with 16th Ave SW. Turn left onto 16th Ave SW.
  6. Godfather's pizza is about two blocks (0.35 miles) east, on your right.