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DXpedition Support by EIDXA
Since 2002                                         Updated June 6, 2024

Thanks to our treasurer, Mike NA9Q, and president, Gayle KØFLY, who cooperated to put together this list of all DXpeditions that the EIDXA has supported since 2002.

Note: The year/month is when the donation was made, not the operational timeframe.

Year Month DX Callsign DX Entity
2002 January VP6DI Ducie Island
2004 October 3YØX Peter I Island (DX Expeditions LLC)
2005 March K5D Legislative Effort Desecheo Island (KP1-5 Group)
2007 February BS7H Scarborough Reef
2009 January K5D Desecheo Island (KP1-5 Group)
November 4K9W Azerbaijan
2010 January K4M Midway Island
July VP8O S Orkney Island
2011 January T6DSE Afghanistan
October HKØNA Malpelo Island
2012 August ZL9HR Campbell Island
August NH8S Swain's Island
August PTØS St Paul Rocks
2013 April K9W Wake Island
April FT5ZM Amsterdam Island
July S21ZBB, Z21BBC Bangladesh
July T33A Banaba Island
July XRØZR Juan Fernandez Island
November VK9MT Mellish Reef
November YWØA Aves Island
2014 July VK9XSP Christmas Island
July FT4TA Tromelin Island
July 4K9W Azerbaijan
November K1N Navassa Island (KP1-5 Group)
2015 March E3ØFB Eritrea
April VP8SGI S. Georgia Island
April VP8SSI S. Shetland Island
July TX3X Chesterfield Island
July K5P Palmyra Island
November ZL9A Campbell Island
2016 January VKØEK Heard Island
August 3YØZ Bouvet Island
August TL8AO Cen Afr Rep
2017 March S21ZBB & S21ZBC Bangladesh S21
March No Specific Station Algerian Relief
July 3YØZ Bouvet Island
July 9U4M Burundi
October KH1/KH7Z Baker Island
2018 January KH1/KH7Z Baker Island
January VP6D Ducie Island
February 3B7A St Brandon
2019 April VP6R Pitcairn Island
September VP8DXU South Orkney Island
November W8S Swains Island
2021 May 3YØJ Bouvet (Intrepid DX Group)
October 3YØJ Bouvet (Amateur Radio Dxpeditions - LA)
2022 April VU4W Andaman Islands
April 3YØJ Bouvet (Amateur Radio Dxpeditions -LA)
2023 July TX5S Clipperton Island
November 7O8AD Yemen
2024 April CY9C St. Paul Island
April N5J Jarvis Island
April FT4GA Glorioso Island