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Eastern Iowa DX Association

Welcome to the Eastern Iowa DX Association web site! Our club is open to any amateur radio operator who is interested in DXing and/or contesting. You are cordially invited to attend club meetings and get aquainted. We have many friendly, outgoing members with varied areas of expertise, who would be delighted to meet you and offer their help as needed. (Detailed club information is on the "About EIDXA" page.)

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EIDXA News     (Updated October 3, 2021)

EIDXA Meetings
(EIDXA in-person meetings are on hold indefinitely due to Covid 19 virus concerns. When this crisis is resolved, we will resume normal meetings. Stay tuned! 
In the meantime, we are doing Zoom meetings on or close to our normal meeting dates. Notice of upcoming Zoom meetings will be posted here and to the EIDXA Google Groups email reflector.)

We normally meet quarterly in January, April, July and October on a Friday evening. Our normal meeting location is the Hall Perrine Cancer Center at Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids. The doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. A program of interest follows the business meeting. Complete details, including an aerial photo map, may be found on the "Meetings" page.

EIDXA Member Tom Vavra, WB8ZRL, SK


WØSR reports that Tom Vavra, WB8ZRL, passed away Tuesday, October 12, 2021. Tom was 76 years old and lived in Ely, Iowa. He was a retired Air Force officer and an avid DXer who held DXCC #1 Honor Roll. A memorial service will be held at a later date.

October 2021 Eastern Iowa DXer
The October 2021 edition of the Eastern Iowa DXer is now available on the "Newsletter" page. Bob, WØGXA, has as usual put together a great newsletter, loaded with good information. Featured is a fabulous article about the Top 12 most-wanted DXCC entities and why they are so difficult by WØGJ; WØGXA writes about his "New Elm Tree" antenna support; a report on 6-meter DX in 2021 from K8OM; and a report from the Huntsville (Alabama) Hamfest by WØAWL. Great reading all! Be sure you don't pass it up!

EIDXA DXpedition Support
Our treasurer, Mike NA9Q, and president, Gayle KØFLY, cooperated to put together a list of all DXpeditions that the EIDXA has supported since 2002. That list is now available here.

Membership roster updated on November 16, 2020
The membership roster has been updated. Thanks to Mike, NA9Q, for updating the list! You can find the list on the "Members" page.

Buy-Sell-Trade Listings
The "Buy-Sell-Trade" page provides a place to advertise any ham radio equipment you may have for sale. We can publish pictures of your gear and any text you would like. Contact the webmaster to post your ad!

EIDXA Email Reflector
The EIDXA email reflector is on Google Groups and is available for your use. To post to the reflector, email your message for the group to: eastern-iowa-dx-association@googlegroups.com 
The reflector allows you to include photos or other files in your message. If you are not a member of the group but would like to be, please email the webmaster.

You may visit the group homepage here:
The homepage has a complete archive of all messages exchanged via the group.

The Eastern Iowa DX Bulletin
For  October 17, 2021 - October 24, 2021

Craig Fastenow, KØCF, Editor

This bulletin is a compilation of currently active DX operations (or those that will become active within the current week) from recent issues of the OPDX bulletin and other sources, with the dates of operation highlighted in red. The articles are ordered by the entity's official callsign prefix. Hot links are provided for QSL and other information wherever possible. Articles will remain in The Bulletin while active with a 5 week maximum. Credit for the source is given at the end of each article.

DX News items are courtesy of:
   The Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin (OPDX)
      Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW, Editor (kb8nw@hotmail.com or kb8nw@arrl.net)
      The bulletin is available at http://www.papays.com/opdx.html
   The ARRL DX Bulletin
      The bulletin is available at http://www.arrl.org
   425 DX News, A.R.I. DX Bulletin (425DXN)
      Edited by Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ & Valeria Pregliasco, IK1ADH
      425 DX News Home Page: https://www.425dxn.org/
   DX Newsletter (DXNL)
      Edited by Klaus Poels, DL7UXG
      A weekly service of DARC Committee "DX", http://www.darcdxhf.de

3DAØ, ESWATINI. Latvian RSF team continue to be active as 3DAØWW from eSwatini until October 26th. Activity will be on 160-10 meters using CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8 (F/H). For suggested frequencies, see: https://lral.lv/3da0ww/freq.html
The team has had some power outages during their stay. QSL via YL2GN (direct) or ClubLog's OQRS (direct and by the Bureau). The log will be uploaded to LoTW six months after the end of the operation. For more details and updates, see: https://lral.lv/3da0ww/index.html
STATUS UPDATE [Oct.16th, 0800z]: Transmit antenna setup is finished. This morning the infamous dog escaped his fencing and collapsed one Spiderbeam. It will be repaired. As the setup is mostly finished team plans to be on the air more. Local LED lights are kept off to reduce the band noise. Beverage antenna is not yet installed. First 3368 QSOs were uploaded to ClubLog.
The team is located in 2 different houses in some distance from each other. One sub-QTH has Spiderbeam (20-10m bands), vertical for 80m band, another vertical for 40m band. Other sub-QTH has Spiderbeam (20-10m bands), DX-Commander vertical (40m-10m bands), 18m Spiderpole based top-loaded vertical for 160-30m bands. Up to 4 transceivers are in use. P.S. 1000z more photos added: https://lral.lv/3da0ww/photos.html
-[OPDX # 1536 October 18, 2021]  (1024)

3DAØ, ESWATINI. Russian DXpedition Team (RUDXT) continue to be active as 3DAØRU near Mbabane until October 22nd. Activity will be on 160-6 meters using CW, SSB, FT8 and QO-100 satellite, with multiple stations. Suggested FT8 frequencies: 1836, 3567, 5357, 7056, 10131, 14095, 18095, 21095, 24911 and 28095 kHz. As of October 17th, 0835z, 3DAØRU has made a total of 75684 QSOs with 21038 Unique callsigns. Breakdown by mode: 34987/CW, 8248/SSB and 32449/FT8. Breakdown by Continent (%): 0.7/AF, 14.1/AS, 65.3/EU, 18/NA, 0.8/OC and 1.2/SA. QSL via R7AL (direct or by the Bureau), ClubLog's OQRS (preferable) or LoTW. For more details and updates, see their new Web page at: https://3da0.ru/en
-[OPDX # 1536 October 18, 2021]  (1024)

5B, CYPRUS. Paul/SA6PIS operates holiday-style from Cyprus (AS-004) as 5B/SA6PIS from October 19th to October 31st. He will also visit WWFF references. QSL via SA6PIS.
-[DXNL # 2271 October 13, 2021]  (1031)

5H, TANZANIA. Maurizio, IK2GZU, will once again returned to "Mission Ilembula" to do some volunteer work at the Ikelu hospital and orphanage from September 25th until November 20th. He plans to be active during his spare time as 5H3MB on various HF bands using CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8. Maurizio will use his FT-891 and dipoles GP for 10 MHz. QSL via IK2GZU, direct, by the Bureau and ClubLog. Also, QSL via LoTW (after his return home) and eQSL. For more details, updates and an online log, visit his Web pages at: http://www.buffoli-pm.it/5h/Tanzania 2011.htm 
   and: http://www.buffoli-pm.it/5h/qsl request.htm
-[OPDX # 1532 September 20, 2021]  (1024)

5T, MAURITANIA. Operators Johannes, PA5X and Gerben, PG5M will be active as 5T5PA/P and 5T1GM, respectively, until October 19th. Activity will be on 40 to 10 meters using CW, SSB, and FT8. QSL 5T5PA/P via LoTW, ClubLog’s OQRS or via PA5X (direct or by the Bureau).
-[ARRL DX Bulletin # 41 October 14, 2021]  (1024)

9A, CROATIA. Tom, 9A2AA is QRV with special event call sign 9A3Ø2AA until July 2022 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Croatia's independence. QSL to 9A2AA.
-[ARRL DX Bulletin # 40 October 7, 2021]  (1114)

BV, TAIWAN. Jun, JH4RHF/OE1JUN is currently in Taiwan for his work until November 8th. In his spare time, he will try to be on the bands, probably on 40 to 10 meters using CW. QSL via OE1JUN.
-[ARRL DX Bulletin # 41 October 14, 2021]  (1107)

C9, MOZAMBIQUE. Elvira, IV3FSG is QRV as C92R. Activity is in her spare time on 80 to 10 meters using SSB and various digital modes. QSL direct to IK2DUW.
-[ARRL DX Bulletin # 40 October 7, 2021]  (1114)

CE9, ANTARCTICA. A group of operators are QRV as KC4USV from McMurdo Station on Ross Island, IOTA AN-011, until October 31st. Activity is on 40 and 20 meters using SSB and FT8. QSL via K7MT.
-[ARRL DX Bulletin # 39 September 30, 2021]  (1031)

CX, URUGUAY. Members of the Uruguay DX Group will be active as CW6ØATS from October 1st to December 31st to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty System. QSL via CX8ABF. [TNX CX3AN]
-[425DXN # 1587 October 2, 2021]  (1024)

D2, ANGOLA. Vasco, CS7ACE is now active as D2ACE from Luanda for the first time since 2016. He has been found on 18145 kHz from 1500 to 1600Z. QSL direct or via bureau to CT2IXQ.
-[ARRL DX Bulletin # 41 October 14, 2021]  (1107)

D2, ANGOLA. Mikalai, UT6UY, is now active as D2UY from Cabinda, Angola, for several months. Activity is limited between 1600-2300z on 20/15/10 meters using CW only because of very strong local QRM on low bands. He is using a Yaesu FTDX-10 into a vertical antenna. QSL route is TBA later.
-[OPDX # 1532 September 20, 2021]  (1024)

DL, GERMANY (Special Event). Members of the DARC local association "Wolfsburg (H24)" and possibly others will be active as DRØOEBIS (special DOK 150LOE) to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the railway station Oebisfelde until the end of 2021. Activity will be on various HF bands and satellite using CW, SSB, RTTY and the Digital modes. QSL via the Bureau.
-[OPDX # 1536 October 18, 2021]  (1121)

DL, GERMANY. The DARC club Schoenau (DOK S65) celebrates its 50th anniversary with the callsign DM5ØZVN (special DOK 50S65) until the end of 2021. QSL via bureau.
-[DXNL # 2270 October 6, 2021]  (1114)

DL, GERMANY. DL24EURO (special DOK EM24) remains active until Sept. 14, 2022 in the context of the next European Football Championship in 2024. A particular aim of the activity is to draw young people towards amateur radio. QSL via bureau.
-[DXNL # 2268 September 22, 2021]  (1024)

DXCC TOP TWENTY. Here are the top 20 entities on ClubLog’s "DXCC Most Wanted" list, last updated October 14, 2021:
   1. P5     DPRK (North Korea)  11. FT/G   Glorioso Island
   2. 3Y/B   Bouvet Island       12. VKØM   Macquarie Island
   3. FT5/W  Crozet Island       13. YVØ    Aves Island
   4. BS7H   Scarborough Reef    14. KH4    Midway Island
   5. CEØX   San Felix Islands   15. ZS8    Prince Edward & Marion Islands
   6. BV9P   Pratas Island       16. PYØS   Saint Peter And Paul Rocks
   7. KH7K   Kure Island         17. PYØT   Trindade & Martim Vaz Islands
   8. KH3    Johnston Island     18. KP5    Desecheo Island
   9. 3Y/P   Peter 1 Island      19. SV/A   Mount Athos
  10. FT5/X  Kerguelen Island    20. VP8S   South Sandwich Islands
For the complete list, see https://secure.clublog.org/mostwanted.php
-[KØCF October 17, 2021]  (1121)

E5, SOUTH COOK ISLANDS. Pete, ZL4TE, is expected to be active as E51RMP from South Cook Islands sometime in October. Activity will be holiday style on QRP on various HF bands and some VHF Digimodes using CW and SSB with a Yaesu FT817. QSL via ZL4TE.
-[OPDX # 1527 August 16, 2021]  (1031)

EA8, CANARY ISLANDS. Chris, DL4FO will be QRV as EA8/DL4FO/p from La Gomera, IOTA AF-004, from October 10th to 21st. Activity will be on 40 to 10 meters using mostly CW with some SSB. This may include some SOTA and WWFF activations on the island as well. QSL to DL4FO.
-[ARRL DX Bulletin # 40 October 7, 2021]  (1024)

F, FRANCE. Special callsign TM2VI will be active on the HF and VHF bands on October 15th – 29th in remembrance of Patrick Gadou, F2VI, Vice-president of the Radio Club de Pierrefeu du Var (F6KGC), who passed away in July 2020. QSL via the bureau.
-[425DXN # 1588 October 9, 2021]  (1031)

FO/A, FO/M & TX7, AUSTRAL AND MARQUESAS ISLANDS (Update). Lance, W7GJ, reports that his planned 6m DXpedition activity is still on schedule despite Covid travel restrictions:  Austral Islands (FO/W7GJ) October 15-24th, and the Marquesas Islands (TX7MB), October 27th to November 7th. Keep watching his Web page for updates: 
QSL direct to W7GJ and LoTW.
-[OPDX # 1535 October 11, 2021]  (1024)

FS, ST. MARTIN. After his St. Kitts (V4) operation [see below], John, W5JON/V47JA, will be going to St. Martin between October 19th-23rd, and be active as FS/W5JON. His radio equipment is a Yaesu FT-891, Elecraft KPA-500 Amplifier and dipoles. Activity will be on 40-6 meters using SSB and FT8. ALL QSLs go to W5JON direct or via LoTW. NO Bureau QSLs.
-[OPDX # 1521 June 28, 2021]  (1024)

FY, FRENCH GUIANA. Curtis, KC5CW, will be active as FY/KC5CW from French Guiana from October 8th until November 3rd. Operations will be from several locations including the Hotel Atlantis in Kourou, the ESA Guiana Space Centre and the FY5KE Club Station. Activity will be on 160-6 meters using SSB, PSK, FT8 and slow CW. QSL via LoTW, ClubLog's OQRS.
-[OPDX # 1534 October 4, 2021]  (1031)

G, ENGLAND. The Cray Valley Radio Society (https://www.cvrs.org/) will be active as GB75CV on October 2nd – 29th to celebrate its 75th anniversary. QSL via ClubLog's OQRS and LoTW only. [TNX MØMCV]
-[425DXN # 1588 October 9, 2021]  (1031)

GM, SCOTLAND. Celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association and hosted by the West of Scotland Amateur Radio Society's club station, GB4GDS will be active beginning October 6th until November 2nd. QSL via GM4DAE.
-[425DXN # 1587 October 2, 2021]  (1031)

HA, HUNGARY (Special Event). Members of the Budapest Radioamateur Society 9BRASZ) are using the special callsign HG5NATURE until October 22nd. Their activity is taking place during (and after) the "World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition",["One with Nature"] (HUNGEXPO) which is being held in Budapest between September 25th and October 14th. QSL via eQSL.
-[OPDX # 1533 September 27, 2021]  (1024)

HA, HUNGARY. Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty System, Tamas, HA6LT will be active as HA6ØANT from October 1st to December 31st.
-[425DXN # 1586 September 25, 2021]  (1031)

HL, SOUTH KOREA. Special callsign HL3ØUN will be active on October 1st-31st to celebrate the 30th anniversary since the Republic of Korea was admitted to membership in the UN. QSL via EA5GL.
-[425DXN # 1587 October 2, 2021]  (1031)

I, ITALY. The United Nations Global Service Centre ARC (4U1GSC) in Brindisi is now active as 4U24OCT. The special callsign marks United Nations Day (October 24th). DXCC wise, it counts for Italy. QSL via 9A2AA.
-[425DXN # 1589 October 16, 2021]  (1031)

I, ITALY. II2PHIL remains active until the end of October, drawing attention to the Stamps and Philatelic Literature International Exhibition in Cinisello Balsamo. QSL via IW2HAJ.
-[DXNL # 2270 October 6, 2021]  (1031)

I, ITALY. Special callsign II6OANT (II6 Oscar ANT) has been issued for Gianni I1HYW to take part in the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty System. Look for activity from October 1st to December 31st. QSL via home call. A resume of the certificates available for contacting the various commemorative stations can be found on http://www.waponline.it/6oats-anniversary/6oats-awards/.
-[425DXN # 1587 October 2, 2021]  (1031)

I, ITALY. The ARI Fidenza Club (IQ4FE) issues an award "Elettra: The Miracle Ship" in 2021, drawing attention to Marconi's yacht Elettra and its significance in his radio experiments. During October, II4RDP commemorates experiments conducted in Rocca di Papa - Golfo Aranci in 1932. QSL via IQ4FE. http://www.arifidenza.it/
-[DXNL # 2269 September 29, 2021] (1031)

ISØ, SARDINIA. Richard, OK8WW (OM2TW) will be active holiday style as ISØ/OM2TW from Sardinia from October 23rd to November 1st. He will operate CW, SSB and various digital modes on 80-10 meters, and will participate in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest in the SOSB (80m) category. QSL via LoTW or OM2FY. [TNX OK8WW]
-[425DXN # 1587 October 2, 2021]  (1031)

J5, GUINEA BISSAU. J5T & J5HKT DXPEDITION NEWS (Update). Members of the Italian DX Team continue to be active from Bubaque Island (AF-020), Guinea Bissau, as J5T (CW-SSB-RTTY) and J5HKT (FT8) until October 22nd. Activity will be on 160-10 meters using CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8. QSL via I2YSB direct, IDT OQRS (Not ClubLog) or LoTW.  Their official Web site is at:
Real-time online logs during the DXpedition are on:
-[OPDX # 1536 October 18, 2021]  (1024)

JA, JAPAN (Special Event). The special event station 8N1ING celebrates the 50th anniversary of the city Inagi until the end of January 2022 on HF (CW, SSB, RTTY, FT8). QSL via bureau, eQSL.
-[DXNL # 2270 October 6, 2021]  (1114)

JA, JAPAN (Special Event). Look for special event station 8J25ØIWA to be active to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Iwakura city. This callsign will be used from October 1st until December 5th. QSLs will be sent via the Bureau.
-[OPDX # 1533 September 27, 2021]  (1031)

JA, JAPAN. The Katsuragi Ham Club (JA3ZNJ) celebrates its 50th anniversary until the end of the year with the callsign 8J3ZNJ. QSL via bureau.
-[DXNL # 2268 September 22, 2021]  (1031)

JD1, MINAMI TORISHIMA. Be looking for Take, JG8NQJ, to once again be active as JG8NQJ/JD1 from Marcus Island, Minami Torishima (OC-073, JCG 10007), sometime this week for 3 months until mid-December. He is usually there to work on the island's weather station. Activity will be limited to his spare time. Usually, he will be mainly on 17 meters, but may try 40/30 meters and will also be on 20/15/12/10/6 meters using CW (possibly RTTY), with a Yaesu FT-450 and 50W. QSL via JA8CJY or by the Bureau via JG8NQJ.
-[OPDX # 1534 October 4, 2021]  (1107)

JW, SVALBARD. Tom, OH6VDA/LA6VDA, will once again be active as JW6VDA from the JW5E club station (http://jw5e.com/) in Longyearbyen (JQ78tf) on Spitsbergen Island (EU-026) from October 12th until November 1st. Activity will be holiday style on various HF bands using SSB and FT8/FT4. QSL via LoTW, eQSL, ClubLog's OQRS or QRZ.com log. Bureau cards via LA6VDA.
-[OPDX # 1521 June 28, 2021]  (1031)

K, UNITED STATES (Special Event). Jerry, N7WR, will be active as K7P from Prineville, OR, during the 2021 National Police Week until October 20th. QSL via: Jerry Boyd, 6033 SE Riordan Rd. Prineville OR 97754.
-[OPDX # 1536 October 18, 2021]  (1024)

LU, ARGENTINA. Special callsign LO6ØCN will be active at various times from September 21st to December 31st to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Servicio Auxiliar de Radioaficionados de la Armada (LU2CN), the Auxiliary Service of the Argentinian Navy Radio Amateurs. See https://www.qrz.com/db/LU2CN for more information.
-[425DXN # 1587 October 2, 2021]  (1031)

LX, LUXEMBOURG. Look for Gerard LX/PAØPIW, Gert LX/PA2LO, Maarten LX/PA3EYC, Tijmen LX/PA3GRM and Hans LX/PE1KWH to be active from Luxembourg on October 12th-19th. They will operate CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8 on 160-6 meters. QSLs via the bureau to PA3EYC and LoTW; log search on Club Log.
-[425DXN # 1587 October 2, 2021]  (1024)

LX, LUXEMBOURG. Commemorating the birth of Michael Faraday (22 September 1791), special event station LX5MF will be active from September 26 to March 26, 2022, in close cooperation with the Luxembourg Science Center. QSL via LX1KQ (but all QSOs will be confirmed automatically via the bureau) and LoTW.
-[425DXN # 1586 September 25, 2021]  (1031)

LZ, BULGARIA. The Bulgarian Radio Club Blagovestnik (LZ1KCP) continues to honor the memory of Orthodox saints during October with the callsign LZ1337KM. QSOs count towards the new All Saints - 2021 award. QSL via bureau, LZ1KCP (d). http://www.lz1kcp.com/
-[DXNL # 2269 September 29, 2021] (1031)

LZ, BULGARIA. LZ134ØBG will be active until the end of 2021 to support the Thracian Rose Club (TRC) and the TRC DX Contest (Oct. 2/3). QSL via LZ2VP (d/B).
-[DXNL # 2268 September 22, 2021]  (1031)

OE, AUSTRIA. Members of the International Amateur Radio Contest DX Club (ARCDXC - United Nations, 4U1A, https://4u1a.club/) will be active as 4U2U until October 31st. Activity is to celebrate United Nations Day. QSL via UA3DX, direct or by the Bureau.
-[ARRL DX Bulletin # 41 October 14, 2021]  (1031)

OE, AUSTRIA. Station OE6ØANT is QRV until the end of 2021 to commemorate the Antarctic Treaty celebrations. QSL via OE3DMA.
-[ARRL DX Bulletin # 39 September 30, 2021]  (1107)

OH, FINLAND. Ric DL2VFR, Friedrich DL4BBH and Klaus DL7UXG will be active as OH73ELK and OF73ELK from mainland Finland on October 15th-21st, including an entry as OG7Z in the Worked All Germany (WAG) Contest (October 16th-17th). On 21-25 October they will be signing OH2/DL2VFR, OH2/DL4BBH and OH2/DL7UXG from Suur Pellinki Island (EU-097). QSL for OG7Z and OH73ELK via the bureau, others via home calls. [TNX DX Newsletter]
-[425DXN # 1589 October 16, 2021]  (1024)

OH, FINLAND. For 100 days, from September 15th until December 23rd, all OH and OHØ stations may use the OF prefix to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Finnish Amateur Radio League (SRAL), whose constitutive meeting was held on September 15, 1921. "This is good news for those who want to greet their friends or work towards their SRA-100 Northern Lights award: https://www.qrz.com/db/OH2A". [TNX OH2BH]
-[425DXN # 1585 September 17, 2021]  (1024)

OX, GREENLAND. John, OZ1LXJ, is once again active as OX/OZ1LXJ from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland (NA-018). His length of stay is unknown at this time. Activity over the past few days have been mainly on 160 meters using CW. Watch between 1930-2300z. QSL via OZ1LXJ.
-[OPDX # 1536 October 18, 2021]  (1031)

P4, ARUBA. John, W2GD, will once again be active as P4ØW between October 18th-31st. Activity will be (when time permits) on the various HF bands, with some focus on the 30/17/12 meters and 160 meters mostly on CW (before the contest). His activity will also include an entry in the upcoming CQWW DX SSB Contest (October 30-31st) as a Single-Op/All-Band entry. QSL via LoTW or N2MM. No bureau cards.
-[OPDX # 1526 August 9, 2021]  (1031)

PJ5, ST. EUSTATIUS. John, W5JON/V47JA, will be going to St. Eustatius between October 23rd and November 1st, and be active as PJ5/W5JON. His radio equipment is a Yaesu FT-891, Elecraft KPA-500 Amplifier and dipoles. Activity will be on 40-6 meters using SSB and FT8. QSL to W5JON direct or via LoTW. NO Bureau QSLs.
-[OPDX # 1535 October 11, 2021]  (1031)

PJ7, SINT MAARTEN. John, W5JON/V47JA, will be going to Sint Maarten Island (NA-247) this week between October 18-23rd, and be active as PJ7JA. His radio equipment is a Yaesu FT-891, Elecraft KPA-500 Amplifier and dipoles. Activity will be on 40-6 meters using SSB and FT8. QSL PJ7JA via W5JON direct or via LoTW. NO Bureau QSLs.
-[OPDX # 1536 October 18, 2021]  (1024)

PY, BRAZIL (Special Event). Members of the Cabreúva DX Team will activate the special callsign ZYØ7CDX to celebrate their club's 7th anniversary until the end of the year. Visit their Web page at: https://cabreuvadx.com/
-[OPDX # 1533 September 27, 2021]  (1031)

PZ, SURINAME. Sascha, PF9Z (http://pf9z.com/) will be active as PZ5ZS from mainland Suriname beginning October 12th until the 20th. He will operate SSB on 80- 10 meters. QSL via PF9Z; the log will be uploaded to LoTW and Club Log. On October 15th-18th he and Rico, PZ5JW will join Markus, DJ4EL and be active as PZ5G from Papegaaien Island (SA-092).
-[425DXN # 1585 September 17, 2021]  (1024)

PZ, SURINAME. Before and after their trip to Papagaaien Island (SA-092), operators Markus/DJ4EL and Sascha/PF9Z will be active as PZ5GE and PZ5ZS (not PZ5SB), respectively from the mainland of Suriname (WW Loc. GJ25io) between October 9th-23rd. Activity will be on 80-10 meters using SSB. QSL PZ5GE via ClubLog's OQRS or LoTW. QSL PZ5ZS via PF9Z by the Bureau or LoTW. For more details and updates, see:
Also, watch QRZ.com under DJ4EL or Twitter:  https://twitter.com/rapanuiman
-[OPDX # 1524 July 26, 2021]  (1024)

SP, POLAND. Special callsign SO39SYBIR will be active from September 17th to February 10, 2022, to promote the newly inaugurated Sybir Memorial Museum in Bialystok. QSL via SP4PZM. See https://qrz.com/db/so39sybir for more information. {TNX SP4TB]
-[425DXN # 1585 September 17, 2021]  (1024)

SV9, CRETE. Erwin/DK5EW pays Crete (EU-015, WW Loc. KM15wl) a visit from October 13th to October 28th, operating as SV9/DK5EW on 2m EME and MS. QSL via DK5EW (d), LoTW.
-[DXNL # 2271 October 13, 2021]  (1031)

SV9, CRETE (Special Event). John, SV9CJO, is active with the special callsign SX2ØØCJO from Crete (EU-015) until December 31st, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Hellenic Revolution against Ottoman Turks. QSOs with this station is valid toward the "200 Years of Greek Independence Award"  (https://sv2rck.gr/200YEARS/).
-[OPDX # 1533 September 27, 2021]  (1031)

UA, EUROPEAN RUSSIA. RRC ANTARCTIC TREATY SPECIAL EVENT STATIONS. To celebrate the 60th anniversary Antarctic Treaty Signature, the Russian Robinson Club will activate the following special event stations (each representing a country that initially signed the Antarctic Treaty) from October 1st until December 31st during this event:
  R6ØANT  - Russia        RG6ØANT - Argentina       RN6ØANT – Norway
  RA6ØANT - South Africa  RJ6ØANT - Japan           RT6ØANT – Australia
  RB6ØANT - Belgium       RK6ØANT - United Kingdom  RU6ØANT – USA
  RC6ØANT - Chile         RL6ØANT - France          RZ6ØANT - New Zealand
Plus a special callsign from Antarctica RI6ØANT.
  The Worldwide Antarctic Program (WAP) has already issued a "Reference Number" for each of the above Special Event Callsign. 
Check (http://www.waponline.it/6oats-anniversary/) to download the whole WAP reference numbers issued for this event. QSL info is also included. Details about the special "60th Anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty" award is also available at the above Web page.
-[OPDX # 1530 September 6, 2021]  (1031)

UA, EUROPEAN RUSSIA. The 800th birthday of Russian national hero Alexander Newski will be remembered with the special callsign R8ØØSAN until December 11th. QSL via RØSI.
-[DXNL 2267 September 15, 2021]  (1024)

VE, CANADA. Alex, VE1RUS and Pierre, VE3TKB will be active again from VYØERC, the Eureka Amateur Radio Club station located on Ellesmere Island (NA-008, CQ Zone 2) beginning October 12th until November 22nd. They plan to participate in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest and the ARRL Sweepstakes. QSL via MØOXO's OQRS and LoTW. Updates will be posted to https://twitter.com/vy0erc. Meanwhile, prior to their departure to Ellesmere, they are isolating in Yellowknife (mainland Canada) and hope to be on air as VE3KTB/VE8. [TNX MØOXO] 
-[425DXN # 1587 October 2, 2021]  (1114)

VP5, TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS. A few sources are reporting that Mario, W4HBW, (formerly VP5VMA, I2HBW, 3A2NY), is back on Providenciales Island (NA-002) and will be active as VP5MA until November. We have not seen any QSNs yet, but usually activity is on 20/15 meters using FT8. QSLs for VP5MA can only be direct or via ClubLog's OQRS.
-[OPDX # 1536 October 18, 2021]  (1031)

YU, SERBIA (Special Event). Members of the radio club "Novi Sad" (http://www.yu7bpq.org.rs) will be active as YU2Ø22NS until December 2021, on the occasion of the event "Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture" (https://novisad2021.rs), to be held in 2022. QSL via YU7BPQ.
-[OPDX # 1533 September 27, 2021]  (1031)

ZC4, UK SOVEREIGN BASE AREAS ON CYPRUS. Garry, 2M1DHG is QRV as ZC4GR until December 31st. Activity is on the HF bands using SSB and various digital modes. QSL via EB7DX.
-[ARRL DX Bulletin # 37 September 16, 2021]  (1024)


Solar Data
The Weekly Solar Data chart plots Solar Flux Index (SFI), Sunspot number and Planetary K-Index for the past 7 days. With 8 Planetary K-index readings each day, only the maximum and average K-index values are plotted. Note: You may click here or on the chart above to see the same data for the past month.

Solar flux was fairly steady this week, holding in the mid to high-80s, with a peak of 89 on the 11th, but falling to 78 on the 16th. Sunspots have remained low. On October 12th a coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth's magnetic field and sparked a geomagnetic storm. K-index values hit a high of 6 for 3 straight days following the event. Auroras were sighted as far south as Nebraska and were so bright that they were successfully photographed with smart phones.

Selected Upcoming Contests

Start End Contest Web Site
Oct 23 1200Z Oct 24 1200Z UK/EI DX Contest, SSB Rules
Oct 23 1500Z Oct 24 1500Z Stew Perry Topband Challenge Rules
Oct 24 0000Z Oct 24 0400Z North American SSB Sprint Contest Rules
Oct 30 0000Z Oct 31 2359Z CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB Rules
Nov 6 1200Z Nov 7 1200Z Ukrainian DX Contest Rules
Nov 6 2100Z Nov 8 0300Z ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW Rules
Nov 13 0000Z Nov 14 2359Z WAE DX Contest, RTTY Rules
Nov 13 0001Z Nov 14 2359Z 10-10 Int. Fall Contest, Digital Rules
Nov 13 0700Z Nov 14 1300Z JIDX Phone Contest Rules
Nov 13 1200Z Nov 14 1200Z OK/OM DX Contest, CW Rules