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Welcome to the Eastern Iowa DX Association web site! Our club is open to any amateur radio operator who is interested in DXing and/or contesting. You are cordially invited to attend club meetings and get aquainted. We have many friendly, outgoing members with varied areas of expertise, who would be delighted to meet you and offer their help as needed. (Detailed club information is on the "About EIDXA" page.)

EIDXA News     (Updated July 24, 2020)

EIDXA Meetings
EIDXA meetings are on hold indefinitely due to Covid 19 virus concerns. When this crisis is resolved, we will resume meetings. Stay tuned!

We normally meet quarterly in January, April, July and October on a Friday evening. Our normal meeting location is the Hall Perrine Cancer Center at Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids. The doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. A program of interest follows the business meeting. Complete details, including an aerial photo map, may be found on the "Meetings" page.

Note: The presentation by Al, KØVM from the October 2019 meeting is available for download on the "Meetings" page.

July 2020 Eastern Iowa DXer
The July 2020 edition of the Eastern Iowa DXer is now available on the "Newsletter" page. Bob, WØGXA, has as usual put together a great newsletter, loaded with good information. Be sure you don't miss it!

Membership roster updated on February 8, 2020
The membership roster has been updated. Thanks to Mike, NA9Q, for updating the list! You can find the list on the "Members" page.

Buy-Sell-Trade Listings
There are several interesting listings of equipment for sale on the "Buy-Sell-Trade" page -- take a look!

EIDXA Email Reflector
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You may visit the group homepage here:
The homepage has a complete archive of all messages exchanged via the group.

The Eastern Iowa DX Bulletin
For September 27 - October 4, 2020

DX News items are courtesy of:

The Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin (OPDX)
   Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW, Editor (kb8nw@hotmail.com or kb8nw@arrl.net)
   The bulletin is available at http://www.papays.com/opdx.html

This list is a compilation of current DX operations (or those that start within the current week) from recent issues of the OPDX bulletin, with the dates of operation highlighted in red. The items appear in order of callsign prefix. Hot links are provided for QSL information wherever possible. Credit for the source is given at the end of each item.

4L, GEORGIA. Peter, G4ENL (9X9PJ, HB9DVG), is now active as 4L/G4ENL and reports on QRZ.com: "After leaving Rwanda I am now in Georgia again working on major hydro-power development. It’s a beautiful country, friendly people with a great and ancient tradition. My station is located high in the northern Caucasus mountains. Harsh climate and isolated in winter, an idyllic paradise in summer." He was heard on 20 meters SSB this past week. His current station (according to QRZ.com) is a K3S with an amp (EXPERT 1.3) into a SPIDERBEAM (5 Band) and 5 element Yagi (15m). Soon to have dipoles for 40/80/160m and 6m antenna. QSL via his home address in Switzerland (HB9DVG): Peter Jewitt, Fluckenstrasse 9, Meisterschwanden 5616, Switzerland, or by the Bureau to Dan, N4GNR.
-[OPDX # 1478 August 24, 2020]

5U, NIGER. Adrien, F4IHM, is now active as 5U4IHM from Niamey, Niger, and is there on a mission assignment. Activity will be limited on various HF bands (mainly 40/20m) using CW and FT8, with a FT-817 into a wire antenna. QSL via his home callsign, direct or the REF Bureau.
-[OPDX # 1483 September 28, 2020]

CE, CHILE (Special Event). Members of the Chilean Pacific DX Group [CPDXG](CE3PCG) will be active as XR5ØØM during the month of October. Activity is to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the Strait of Magellan and First Circumnavigation of the Earth. Activity will be on all HF bands. Modes were not mentioned. Operators mentioned are Mau/CE7KF, Juan/CE3BN, Bob/CE3DOH and Esteban/XQ7UP. QSL via XQ7UP, direct, by the Bureau, LoTW, ClubLog's OQRS and eQSL. SWL reports are welcome. Visit the CPDXG Web page at:  https://www.cpdxg.cl
-[OPDX # 1483 September 28, 2020]

CE, CHILE (Special Event). Members of the Chilean Pacific DX Group will be active as XR21ØCHI during September to commemorate the 210th Independence of Chile. Activity is on all bands using SSB and the Digital modes. Operators mentioned are Mau/CE7KF, Juan/CE3BN, Roberto/CE3DOH and Esteban/XQ7UP. QSL via XQ7UP, direct, by the Bureau, LoTW and eQSL. SWL reports are welcome.
-[OPDX # 1480 September 7, 2020]

CE, CHILE (Special Event). Members of the Radio Club Traiguén (CE6TRA) will activate 4 special callsigns between September 1-30th, to commemorate the 131st anniversary of the arrival of the railway to the city of Traiguén. The special callsigns will be associated with the following railway stations of the Ramal Traiguén - Púa:
    CB6T - Traiguén Railway Station
    CB6P - Púa Railway Station
    CB6Q - Quino Railway Station
    CB6TEB Electric Train J. Bunster B.
  Activity will be on various HF bands using CW, SSB and the Digital modes (FT8/SSTV). Certificates will be awarded in three different categories, according to the number of stations contacted or received (SWLs) by the radio amateur requesting said diploma (Silver, Gold, Platinum). For direct QSL cards, send to following address: RADIO CLUB TRAIGUÉN, BOX No 150, CP 4730000, BRING, CHILE. For more details, see QRZ.com.
-[OPDX # 1475 August 3, 2020]

CE, CHILE (Special Event). Members of the Radio Club Eternautas (CE3ETR) are now active as CB33M until October 13th. Activity is to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the August 2010, landslide in a mine in the north part of Chile (Atacama Desert) where 33 miners were trapped for 3 months until their rescue was carried out. Operations will be on 80m-70cms using CW, SSB and the Digital modes (FT8/FT4, JS8, RTTY, PSK31 and SSTV). QSL via PO BOX 12096, Santiago, Chile.
-[OPDX # 1476 August 10, 2020]

CO, CUBA NEWS (Grupo DX de Cuba will celebrate its 40th birthday with a special activity). [Press Release] On the first day of next September, it will be 40 years since in Havana, a small group of Cuban DXers founded the Grupo DX de Cuba (GDXC).
  For this reason, throughout this month, the hunt for more than sixty members and aspirants of the group will be the objective of those who enthusiastically aspire to obtain the certificate "40th Anniversary of the GDXC."
For full details, see:
-[OPDX # 1479 August 31, 2020]

DXCC'S MOST WANTED (ClubLog). The "DXCC Most Wanted" entities list has been updated on ClubLog as of September 3rd. The list contains 340 entities. The following are the top 26 entities:
   1. P5 DPRK (North Korea)     14. KH4 Midway Island
   2. 3Y/B Bouvet Island        15. ZS8 Prince Edward & Marion Islands
   3. FT5/W Crozet Island       16. PYØS Saint Peter and Paul Rocks
   4. BS7H Scarborough Reef     17. PYØT Trindade & Martim Vaz Islands
   5. CEØX San Felix Islands    18. KP5 Desecheo Island
   6. BV9P Pratas Island        19. SV/A Mount Athos
   7. KH7K Kure Island          20. VP8S South Sandwich Islands
   8. KH3 Johnston Island       21. KH5 Palmyra & Jarvis Islands
   9. 3Y/P Peter 1 Island       22. JD/M Minami Torishima
  10. FT5/X Kerguelen Island    23. EZ Turkmenistan
  11. FT/G Glorioso Island      24. ZL9 New Zealand Subantarctic Islands
  12. VKØM Macquarie Island     25. YK Syria
  13. YVØ Aves Island           26. FK/C Chesterfield Island
Just two changes in the Top 26 since we last reported back on July 27th. ZL9 and EZ changed places.  The complete "DXCC Most Wanted" entities list (340) is available at:  https://secure.clublog.org/mostwanted.php
-[OPDX # 1480 September 7, 2020]

FR, REUNION ISLAND. A couple of sources reports that Chris, F8FPY, is a resident in Le Guillaume on Reunion Island and now has the callsign FR8TG. Activity will be on various HF and VHF bands using mostly CW but will do some SSB and FT8. QSLs should be sent direct to: Mr. Chris, 88, Chemin de la Glacière, 97423 Le Guillaume Saint Paul, Réunion Island via France.
-[OPDX # 1478 August 24, 2020]

G, ENGLAND (Special Event). Look for special event station GB5ST to be on the air to celebrate 54 years of the hit TV show Star Trek, spin off shows, many Star Trek movies and for the continuing new shows upcoming in the future. The GB5ST station will be on the air starting September 1st, and through the next 6 years. QSL via the RSGB Bureau or direct to the address on QRZ.com. Look for more details to be forthcoming.
-[OPDX # 1479 August 31, 2020]

HBØ, LIECHTENSTEIN. Members of the NB-DX Team will once again be active as HBØ/OP2D from Triesenberg beginning September 27th until October 2nd. Operators are Willy/ON2BDJ, Erik/ON4ANN and Erik/ON4EC. Activity will be on various HF bands (usually) with special attention on 160/80/40/30 meters using CW, SSB the Digital modes. Equipment will be a TS590SG, TS480HX and Expert 1kfa amp into Spiderbeams, Verticals, Inverted-L for 160m and RX antennas. QSL via MØURX's OQRS or LoTW. Link to their pictures (during their Expedition) will be at:
Link for their Facebook page is:
-[OPDX # 1483 September 28, 2020]

HBØ, LIECHTENSTEIN. Fred/DL5YM and his XYL Tina/DL5YL will once again be active as HBØ/DL5YM and HBØ/DL5YL, respectively, from Masescha (Chalet Wanni) beginning September 8th until October 2nd. Activity is usually limited because they will be hiking during the daytime hours. Operations will be on 160-6 meters using mostly CW, with some SSB and RTTY. Watch for some activity in the CQWW DX RTTY Contest (September 26-27th). QSL via their home callsigns, direct, by the DARC Bureau or ClubLog's OQRS.
-[OPDX # 1474 July 27, 2020]

HC, ECUADOR. Members of the HCDX Group will be active as HD1X from a remaining tropical rainforest from Chocó eco-region (Grid FI09iv), promoting the biodiversity of their country, Ecuador. The special callsign HD1X will be active beginning October 31st (1700 UTC) until November 3rd (1700 UTC) on various HF bands including 30/17/12m, using SSB, SSTV and the Digital modes (FT4/FT8). VHF & UHF will be activated on the FM and SSB ham Satellites. QSL via EC5R.
-[OPDX # 1482 September 21, 2020]

HK, COLOMBIA. Lothar, DK8LRF, continues to be active as HK3JCL from Finca Ligia (WW Loc. FJ34fg) until the end of December. Activity is mainly on 20 meters SSB. QSL via DK8LRF, direct or by the Bureau.
-[OPDX # 1479 August 31, 2020]

JA, JAPAN. James, JH1XUP, will be active with the special callsign 8N1M from Minato-ku, Tokyo, beginning September 1st until December 31st. Activity is to celebrate 70th anniversary. Operations will be on various HF bands and modes. QSL via 8N1M direct or by the Bureau.
-[OPDX # 1479 August 31, 2020]

JD1, OGASAWARA. Makoto, JI5RPT, will once again be active as JD1BLY from Chichijima Island (AS-031) between October 3-6th. The schedule may change depending on the status of COVID-19. Activity will be on 630-6 meters using CW, SSB and the Digital modes (NO 6m EME). He states that he will focus on the "630m band", 160m (SSB), the satellite (RS-44), FT8 on the HF bands. "630m Band" will be active mainly on JT9 mode. QSL via his home callsign JI5RPT. His log search will be available on his Web site at:
He will also use Twitter to inform his real-time activities at:
-[OPDX # 1482 September 21, 2020]

JX, JAN MAYEN ISLAND. Erik, LA2US/JW2US, will be active as JX2US from Olonkin City, Jan Mayen Island (EU-022), sometime during October 2020 and March 2021 (specific dates were not mentioned). Activity will be limited to his spare time with a focus on CW and FT8 on 160/80/40/30 meters. The other HF bands will be activated too, if/when time and conditions permit. Erik states that CW activity will be on/around the IOTA frequencies or at the lower band edges: Suggested FT8 (F/H mode) frequencies are: 1843, 3585, 7056, 10131 and 14090 kHz. His equipment is: FTDX-5000MP, RigExpert 5K, SPE Expert 1K-FA and OCFD antenna. QSL only via ClubLog's OQRS, at:   https://clublog.org/logsearch/JX2US
  QSL card service via the OQRS (ClubLog) will open when he returns home in April 2021. Upload to LoTW will be after he returns home. IMPORTANT: Do not send direct QSL requests to Jan Mayen by mail! Erik will not handle any QSL card requests while he is on Jan Mayen.
-[OPDX # 1481 September 14, 2020]

LoTW. The Daily DX reports that ZL2IFB, Gary Hinson, has written a 'simple step-by-step instructions' called "LoTW New User Guide, Get going with Logbook of The World". The 33-page instructions include lots of graphics and photos to help get you get on LoTW. Check it out at  https://www.g4ifb.com/LoTW_New_User_Guide.pdf.
-[The Daily DX, Vol 14 Nr 183 September 18, 2020. Used with permission.]

P4, ARUBA. Robert, W5AJ, will once again be active as P4ØP from Aruba (SA-036) between September 22-30th. Look for him to be in the CQWW DX RTTY Contest (September 26-27th) as a Single-Op/All-Band entry. QSL via LoTW (preferred) or direct to W5AJ. NO BUREAU. Activity outside of the contest Robert will help the Aruba Amateur Radio Club (AARC) pass out P42WW QSOs on RTTY and CW. The P42WW activity is to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. QSL via P41G.
-[OPDX # 1482 September 21, 2020]

P4, ARUBA (Special Event). Members of the Aruba Amateur Radio Club (AARC) [P43ARC] will be using the special callsign P42WW between September 2-30th. Their activity is to commemorate the 75th anniversary and the end of WW2. For this special occasion, the previously never issued P42 prefix was made available by DTZ (Dienst Telecomunicatie Zaken). Operation efforts will be made to be on all bands and modes. QSL info TBA. Look for more details to be forthcoming.
-[OPDX # 1478 August 24, 2020]

PJ4, BONAIRE. Rich, M5RIC, will be active as PJ4/M5RIC from Bonaire Island (SA-006) between September 22-29th. Activity will include the CQWW DX RTTY Contest (September 28-29th) as a Single-Op entry signing as PJ4CC. QSL via MØOXO or his OQRS.
-[OPDX # 1447 January 13, 2020]

SV, GREECE (Special Event). Two members of the "Fifth Ocean Ham Aviator's Club" (https://www.aviaham.org) will be active as SX1AFM from Piraeus Hellas between September 1-30th. Activity is to celebrate 70th anniversary since the establishment of the "Hellenic Air Force History Museum":
Operators mentioned are Polydoros/SV1AHH and George/SV1GGF. Operations will be on 80-6 meters using all modes. QSL via eQSL, LoTW, direct and ClubLog's OQRS. NO BUREAU. A special award is available. For details, see:
-[OPDX # 1469 June 22, 2020]

TF, ICELAND. Norbert, DJ7JC, will be active as TF/DJ7JC from Iceland beginning now until October 18th. Activity will be holiday style on 160-10 meters using CW, RTTY and FT8, with a FlexRadio 6700 and 90 watts into a vertical antenna. QSL via DJ5BWDClubLog's OQRS or LoTW.
-[OPDX # 1478 August 24, 2020]

UT, UKRAINE. Radio amateurs from the Kharkiv and Lviv regions will be active with the special callsign EN1ØØLT to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Kharkiv Theater for Children and Youth beginning September 1st until March 31st, 2021. An award is available, see QRZ.com for details. QSL via UT5LU.
-[OPDX # 1483 September 28, 2020]

VK, AUSTRALIA (Special Event). Fred, VK3DAC/VK4FE, reports that special event callsign VI75WW2 will be active until November 11th. Activity is to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. The commemorative callsign is in recognition of those who served and those who were at home during the conflict. The world-wide relief at the end of the war and the joy that peace had been regained is indicated by the QSL card. The QSL card picture has been named "The Dancing Man", is a photograph of a man who was filmed dancing on the street in Sydney Australia, at the end of WWII. Upon receiving news of the end of the War in 1945, a reporter took note of a man's joyful expression and dance and asked him to do it again. The man consented and was caught on motion picture film in an Australian edition of the newsreel Movietone News. The film and stills from it have taken on iconic status in Australian history and culture and symbolize joyous elation to war's end.
QSL details: For those who make contact with VI75WW2, the QSL is available as a download from (https://www.silvertrain.com.au/) under the Amateur Radio tab and then Special Event Station logs.
-[OPDX # 1480 September 7, 2020]

XE, MEXICO (Special Event). Look for special event station 4A5ØCRH to be active beginning September 1st until December 31st. Activity is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Club de Radioaficionados Hidrocalidos (XE2CRH). Operations will be on 160-6 meter, satellites, CW, SSB, FM, and the Digital modes. QSL via XE2AU, LoTW, eQSL or ClubLog's OQRS. Every QSO will be confirmed.
-[OPDX # 1479 August 31, 2020]

YB, INDONESIA (Special Event). Members of the Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization (ORARI) West Jakarta Club will be active as YHØAF on Tuesday, September 29th, between (0900-1600 UTC). Activity is to commemorate the 7th anniversary of ORARI Local West Jakarta. Suggested bands/frequencies are:
     CW  - 3500-3525 and 7020-7030 kHz
     SSB - 3790-3810, 7135-7180 kHz and 145.380 MHz
     FT8 - 3573 and 7074 kHz
Four different awards will be available. For more details, see:
-[OPDX # 1482 September 21, 2020]

YB, INDONESIA (Special Event). Members of the ORARI Lokal Kulon Progo will be active as 8I69K from Wates, Jogjakarta, Java Island (OC-021). Activity is to celebrate the 69th anniversary of Kulon Progo. Operations will be on various HF and VHF bands. Length of activity is not known. QSL via 8I69K direct.
-[OPDX # 1482 September 21, 2020]

YB, INDONESIA. Members of the Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization (ORARI) of the Local City of Bandung will be active with special callsign 8A1ØØGB from Bandung, Java Island (OC-021), until September 30th. Activity is to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Gedung Sate. Operations will be on all bands and modes; if possible, on the satellites and EME. QSL via 8A1ØØGB, LoTW or ClubLog. For more details, see QRZ.com or: http://olkb.or.id/event/celebrating-100-years-of-gedung-sate
-[OPDX # 1481 September 14, 2020]

Z8, SOUTH SUDAN. Diya, YI1DZ, is now active as Z81D from Juba. He is working there (under the UN-WFP) until November 10th. Activity will be during his free time there. He informs OPDX that he works SSB and the Digital modes, but recently has concentrated on FT8. No CW. He was heard this past week on 17 meters FT8 between 1245-1415z. Diya states that he has antennas for all HF bands, except 160m. QSL via OM3JW. All QSOs will be uploaded to QRZ.com, ClubLog, eQSL and LoTW.
-[OPDX # 1478 August 24, 2020]